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🔅 DIY Respirator #3 (upgrade)

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This is the third model of a respirator in which I tried to eliminate the shortcomings identified during the operation of previous models.
To do this, the respirator case was replaced with a more elastic one. This allowed us to get rid of one of the metal plates.
The mount system of the respirator has been improved with the help of neodymium magnets. It has now become much more convenient to remove and put on a respirator, and the load on the ears has decreased.
And finally, a membrane made of polyethylene was built into the body of the respirator. This greatly improved speech intelligibility when visiting stores and pharmacies.

In the manufacture of the respirator, the following materials were used:

3 liter plastic bottle
Several other plastic bottles and caps for milk and water.
Elastic band – 2x350mm
Neodymium magnets – 2pcs.
Screws M2.5x8mm – 6pcs.
M2.5 nuts – 6pcs.
Latex surgical glove
Paper towels
Fabric – Tulle
Adhesive tape, double-sided.
Steel plate 72x8x1mm.

Valve making template: https://oldoctober.com/pics/diy2/coronavirus/Respirator_to_Print.pdf

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  5. Plss make a good google glasses sir , not disposable one 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    I pretty much sure you can do it 😊

  6. very informative sir can you make hole marking template for cap and also all length measurement

  7. well know I gotta make a new one make one with goggles it be cool

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  9. hahaha, I just finished my second version!. But thanks, now I'm gonna try again to make this third improved version!

  10. So inventive! The world needs more people like you! Thank you!!

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