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#1 Reason Your Travel Blog Will Fail (& ways to prevent it!)

#1 Reason Your Travel Blog Will Fail (& ways to prevent it!)

It feels like everyone now a days is interested in being in a travel blogger. Around the New Year, people get so excited and set all these goals for themselves. They think of a clever blog name, buy their domain, set up their wordpress and all that jazz,. After a few month, the excitement starts to fizzle, you’re not as enthusiastic anymore. You’re not seeing traffic to your site, or engagement, and then start wondering if you made a big mistake. You may start writing less and less, and just give up on it all together.

Let me ask you this. If you opened a restaurant or a brick and mortar shop, do you think you’d become profitable after a couple of months? You would have to have money saved up to pay “rent” because after all, it takes spending money to make money right?

In this video, I’ll talk about my #1 reason why most travel blogs fail (and no, it’s not the lack of travel.)


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  1. Last year I published 23 new posts , introduced about 10 new countries to my followers , blogging since 2016 yet i only get 40 -45 unique visitors a day. The issue is that google favors big blogs and websites. no matter what i write, how i write if the competition is high in a certain city like rome or paris , my posts end up on the 4th page of the search result. Blogs with generic info and stock photos managed to rank at number 1 w

  2. question to all, how find brands ,or how make them a first contact?

  3. Hi! Are you interested in a partnership? Kindly let me know carrollmaxtm@gmail.com

  4. Thank you so much for this content. I’m South African and I’m currently some doing research , specifically on travel .😂🤣🤣

    You have so much vital information on this.

  5. Awesome tips, Nina. If any new bloggers are watching and feeling unmotivated atm, keep your chin up! It takes time but can be such a rewarding journey if you set goals for yourself and always remember why you started 💪

  6. Long story coming your way…I actually sat in on your panel at Travel Con before discovering this YouTube channel, which is extremely helpful btw. One of your videos helped me create a case study I’m proud to show so thank you. I just entered my 3rd year and completely agree with you on the amount of work and time before you see ANY results. I have a long way to go but these videos are helping to steer me on a path to success. Many thanks!

  7. SO MUCH TRUTH YOU GUYS! Love this <3 !!!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing Nina!!

  9. It really does take So. Much. Time!

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