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10 Cool Tips For Men ! Manly Life Hacks and DIY Ideas

It’s time to shine the spotlight on our favorite men! ‘Cause who needs simple and cool hacks more than boys? Learn how to make your own DIY shaving cream, how to get rid of that smell in your sports shoes, or how to simply organize your endless collection of sunglasses! There’s a whole bunch of awesome yet simple DIY life hacks for all you guys to try out! So finish bakin’ bacon and stay tuned for more amazing DIY hacks, tips, and tricks for men!

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00:04 Kitty Litter
01:00 Gym Pocket
02:20 Sunglasses
03:18 Vanilla Shaving Cream
04:25 Shoelaces
05:33 Hair Pomade Recycle
07:09 Bacon
08:16 Shirt Apron
09:14 Rust Cleaning
10:06 Shoe Laces Ties

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  1. Hey, Gentlemen Pandas, 🐼🎩

    Girls are not the only ones who need some quick and simple life hacks! ✂️✏️🧵

    Here are a bunch of cool manly hacks for you all to try out! 🤠👕🕶️

    Let me know which of them will you try out next! 😇👌🗯️

    Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟

    Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖

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  2. Kon kon indian dekh raha hai

  3. بااي بأنني لا يمكن أن يحدث ٥ على أن يكون في عون من كل شر و لا إله الا 💔💓🌹🥀😍

  4. 7:10 seeing it
    Me:going to take hammer
    Mom:what are u foing with hammer?
    Me:oh mom i sm smashing the like button

  5. For man 😣😑🤔 what?????!!!!!!!😣😣😣😣😣 ay e girl man !!!! Omg

  6. Emily and Jacob did u breakup

  7. Welkum tu atatürk fraym scul

  8. I just unsubscribed from your channel lol get rekt simp

  9. just a lil tip about the bacon in the oven one: don’t leave it in for too long or the bacon will stick to the tin foil!!! I love crispy bacon but I gotta put it on the baking sheet unprotected if I wanna cook it longer, where it doesn’t really stick to the material

  10. Классссссссссссссс ,супер!😉

  11. Jacob & Emili♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. Eg liker dere jeg ser på dere hver dag

  13. Eg liker vidioene deres dere er fest i hele verden jeg ser på dere vær dag love you👍💖🥺

  14. Mi love dis vidiov love you🐽🥺💖👍

  15. Cooles Video!
    Mich würde freuen wen wer meinen noch kleinen Kanal mit einen Abo oder Like unterstützt 🤗

  16. 0:05tame kadre mačiau tą moterį iš kitsy laidos

  17. Thumbnail is completely offsync from the video.

  18. The silent films are back…

  19. You shouldn't use foil when you have to bake something !! Foil can be carcinogenic when exposed in heat !

  20. You don't have hair gel but bee's wax at home? 😂

  21. What i do here even if im single😂😖💜

  22. You shouldn't use foil when you have to bake something !! Foil can be carcinogenic when exposed in heat !

  23. Uz ove savete sam pomogla unuku, a ujedno sam ga i ozenila!

  24. Who else thought that he would put the cat in the bag and close it ._ .

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