School tricks and tips for you and your friends! 📚😃

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  1. 13:00, of course your still being loud, its chips!!!

  2. 1:24 do u no how dead i would be if i brought that knife to school 😂😂

  3. Why would you have a razor sharp blade in your classroom (:/

  4. Why bring a knife to school when you got a ruler 1:33

  5. Ah yes down forget to my night to class surely no one will suspect a thing

  6. The YouTube should ban your account for teaching children and college students how to cheat

    If anyone agrees with me give a LIKE

  7. 8:39 HOW is that easy!!! that looks so hard to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You won't Learn anything if you are Cheating! And if you get caught – not worth it! But notes & other tips are good.

  9. toltely need to hide my school notes in a knife to bring to school life hacks. to me: getting exspeld noo

  10. 28:30 I wish he was math teacher back in high school

  11. I Think 5 Minutes Crafts Are A Big Cheater At Their Times Dat's Y They Are Pr0m0ting Cheating 0n Their Platf0rm & By D0ing This They Are Making Students Dull… 👎👎👎👎👎🖐🖐🖐🖐👊👊👊👊👊👊😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  12. 5:14
    Student: Makes faces to book

    Teacher: D A F U C K S H E D O I N O V A D E R E

  13. So they are teaching you how to cheat on a test?? NICE😂😂👩🏻‍🏫

  14. They stole the first hack from brent😅😒😠😉

  15. Everyone else in the comments:
    You shouldn't bring a knife to school

    Me when I was in 4th grade:
    Shows up to class with a cutter/knife
    My teacher: I'm gonna pretend i didnt see that

  16. 1:32 who brings a knife to school?!

  17. U Do you have knives at school

  18. 7:32 thought it was a badly drawn charmander at first lol

  19. I see the math and was very confused Very

  20. "ugh, i don't know the answer to this question," pulls out knife

  21. or you could just, y'know, study

  22. You cheated not trying to be rude but you shouldn't cheat

  23. No one:

    Literally no one at all:

    My parents: 14:34

  24. I thought it was 5 mins not 58 mins

  25. Did anyone else realize that 37 x 18 equals 666

  26. You just let all the teachers know where you could put a cheat thing wow thanks for that Now I can’t do any of these

  27. when the phone said it was 9:00 it was 9:00

  28. 25:48 the hot glue was shaped like a rectangle just by moving a ruler over it XD

  29. 1:34 Hmm how can I hide my notes. I know! I'll put them in my knife! I'm sure no one will think anything of it when I pull my knife out in the middle of my test!

  30. 1:31 yes because we can bring knives to school…

  31. i thougt this video was gonna help me with school, so far it is fabricating grades, and cheating

  32. Imagine you do all the cheeting hacks but ur teacher has watched them😕. You would be so 😖

  33. U can have knives in school dipcrap

  34. So many things weird lol to us americans… the 9 is bugging me….

  35. white boared drawings are awesome

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