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12 Brilliant Glue Hacks You Have to Try

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What can be interesting and fun in ordinary glue? We have an answer to this question! Watch the new video and you will learn how to turn glue into a real weapon for cool pranks!

Supplies and tools:
• Press-on nail glue
• Black nail polish
• Clear phone case
• Cheat sheet
• Gel nail lamp
• Clear nail polish
• Notebook
• Primer
• Clear glue
• Acrylic paint
• Glitter
• Holographic film
• Foil
• Decorations
• Rhinestones
• Nail dust
• Elmer’s glue
• Colorings
• Metallic earring mold
• Foil
• Stud earrings
• Superglue
• Plaster
• White glue
• Gouache
• Plastic cups
• Mold
• Medical glue
• Glittery foam paper
• Rubber glue
• Rhinestone ribbon
• Parchment paper
• Vaseline
• Hot glue gun
• Epoxy glue
• Thickener
• Pipette
• Bead mold
• Gold foil
• Jump ring
• Cardboard
• Nylon tights
• Stencil
• Tape
• Hairspray

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  2. I don't like the way that he is cheating because it's a teacher walks by where is he going to hide the phone

  3. Yes bc ANYONE can just keep a giant note book in there back pocket 🙄

  4. OoH I ReAlLy WaNt To LiCk It!!! I’m sorry wth? 😑 who licks someone’s ear

  5. Can u make 1 of the girl prent like a rell baby please pleaes

  6. You need to make good hacks. These hacks are dumb and just waste your time. The thumbnails are fake.

  7. Go to 1:51. The girl puts her shoes on the table and says her sneakers stand out from the crowd, she stands out of the crowd for putting her shoes on the table. WHO DOES THAT?!?

  8. wow you dont need that attention when you post a picture they're not gonna like it that fast yknow

  9. 8:21:
    Bruh,it’s a freaking story

  10. 7:47:
    Me: First of all, they don’t even look real.

  11. who’s going to make their tongue blue but with paper

  12. 4:24:

    Troom Troom: hE iS So dUmB
    Me: as dumb as you

  13. I would try the gold tiets

  14. Put in gold foil- IT IS GOLD LEAF!!

  15. The crying thing was tbh the dumbest thing ever

  16. weAaaAAAaw cAn I LIcK YOuR eaR?

  17. 5:30 I lOvE iT iM gOiNg To LiCk YoUr EaR

  18. i will try out the note book i already have the supplies.

  19. Dude u have a dress on DONT do that split megan

  20. They say 18 hrs to dry whatever AND THEY SAY IT LIKE "OH ITS NOT LONG JUST 18, 12. AND 24HRS"

  21. is nobody gonna talk abt her socks at 1:48

  22. people take things way to literally these videos are entertainment not real life lol it's ok Karen chill

  23. if I had the material I'd LOVE to make the last one

  24. 8:52

    Why the word Just and not other words at once

  25. This is so stupid. Who would want to copy these stupid glue hacks? I mean like, come on. Fake tears just for attention??

  26. about the first one: bruh i can't even take my phone out in a normal lesson

  27. Ok, those "tears" look like a nasty case of conjunctivitis



  30. Your gonna stand out in the crowd cuz ur feet are on the café table

  31. Glue on your lips. That's not good and what if you have to peel it off will your lips bleed? I don't wanna do that…

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