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14 Useful LIFE HACKS on Star Stable (copy&paste text, red hearts, extra XP & more)

I hope this helps your everyday SSO life😄

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What do you edit with?
-Sony Vegas Pro 15

What do you record with?

Where can I find the songs from your video?
-They are either Star Stables songs or are in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOsaKoG3q-ZBZMSuy47j1iIxi5Ucp1dCb

In this video:
-Star Stable life hacks

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  1. 🌸Timestamps🌸:
    00:27 – Copy & paste text

    00:53 Useful hotkeys

    01:33 Red hearts

    01:49 Don't fail missions & more xp

    02:23 GPS

    03:30 Compare clothes/tack

    04:17 Blue water

    05:25 First person view

    06:18 Rearing horse picture

    06:54 Landscape picture

    07:27 No fog in Dino Valley

    07:52 JWH magic coat anywhere

    09:48 Pause the race

    10:56 Missed checkpoint

  2. For the hearts for me its alt & press nine four times on the keypad like part on my keyboard (Not the top numbers)

  3. Also if you want to do the red heart, ((This is on my computer at least)) you hold down alt on the left side on the keyboard and then press 9 on the farest right side four times. 😀

  4. Do other people see the magical coat or is it only for you

  5. You can't copy and paste properly from the chat, but here is something I do to get a lengthier advertisement for my club, as I often find I can't fit the key details into the space.

    Go to mail
    Write your advertisement. It can be as long as you like!
    Copy it (I use ctrl+x, it's what works for me. Experiment if you need)
    Paste it into global chat (I use ctrl+z)
    Then the advertisement is sent out! You can paste it in chat as many times as you please, but if you say something in chat, the next time you paste, what you said last will appear, so be careful!

    Also, this is a great video. :3

  6. omg, i think i saw you in starstable once :0

  7. I didn't knowed about that mission thing now I will don't fail. Thank you

  8. do the hotkeys work for windows laptops with them?

  9. You tube dead only 179 likes pshhhh

  10. cool video also can someone tell me the name of the 2nd and the 3rd songs pls?

  11. it's not double xp for the daily bonus it's +300 so you can't actually get more xp if you do the mission first.

  12. It's alt 1 + 5 on my server owo

  13. Name of song in beginning part of video and up until life Hack 6.

  14. Is it just me or does clicking F1 not work? Cuz on my old computer it did but on my new one it doesn’t

  15. So if you take a screen shot with F2 would it go to the same place as the sso photo mode things? or where could i find it?

  16. O:57 you can also use "X" while standing still to dismount

  17. Me: Doing online homework
    My iPad: BzzzzZzZZZZzzzz
    Me: drops iPad ‘Ohh crap’ picks up iPad and sees new video clicks on video Reads title “Hell ya!”

  18. I am early for the first time btw love your vids ❤️

  19. I want to try but Im chat banned ;(

  20. im so early that i don't even know what to comment

  21. wow! great job! And plus I'm early xD. anyway great job!

  22. We use shift and 4 to make heart on my server, i 5hink It's on all servers😁

  23. I’ve never been this early wow

  24. First comment!
    Idkwhat to say xD

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