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15 Clever Ways to Upcycle Everything Around You!! Recycling Life Hacks and DIY Crafts by Blossom

Why throw it away when you can fix it, upcyle it and reuse it? Here are our top 15 ways to upcycle everyday objects around you. For more recycling tricks, smart DIY projects, and thrifty life hacks subscribe to Blossom!

How to upcycle & recycle by Blossom!!

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  3. these are some of the best hacks and tips out there for people that will never use them.

  4. Most of this crap looks really trashy tho

  5. 13:14 hack is doesn't work I will tried this it's not working and my top is also faided 😣😣😣😣😣

  6. Guys, you can use the first hack for a hair tie or a bracelet 😁


  8. Those are great ideas if you live in a cardboard box

  9. 1:51 can you please stop with the Fringles

  10. Very creative and useful ideas 💡 Thank you.

  11. Них*я не понятно, но очень интересно!

  12. 1:51 don't you guys just LOVE Fringles they are the best

    Edit, this was just a joke, no hate I'm a huge fan

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  15. Don't melt plastics in Microwave . It's dangerous !

  16. I bet it's the chinese kid from the goonies making these vids

  17. What's in the carton for to clean the silver forks

  18. I think i've seen some clips from this video before..

  19. I love this channel. It is awesome.

  20. These food as dye "hacks" are complete rubbish. The colors are not that bright nor are they permanent.

  21. Mdr le sèche cheveux sur la baignoire . Y a plus qu' à le brancher

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  27. holder for your hairdryer over the bath next to the taps…

  28. That was phenomenal!!!!!

  29. Plz display the name's of ingredients u r using….

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