In this video I show you some cool ideas on how to take good care of your phone and how to create beautiful DIY decorations on your phone case. This will make your gadget look unique and artistic.
You can take a clear case and then fill up a syringe with some polymer clay. You can squirt the clay on your case and then add some miniature food decorations on it to make it look like a noodle phone case.
I also show you how to make your own de-stress phone. First, you apply a circle of white hot-glue and leave a hole in the middle. Then, you take a yellow balloon, you cut the end of it and then add some slime. Finally, glue in the middle of the hole and voila. You own egg-destress phone case.
You can also take a Coca-Cola label and place in on a clear phone case, then mix some dye in clear epoxy resin and add a few drops on your case. Let it dry and voila.
You can also use polymer clay and some whipped cream accessories to make a cute 3D cupcake case with mini donuts, lollipops and other girly decorations.
I show you how to cut up some straws, and then melt them together on some greaseproof paper to make your own colorful phone case.
Watch until the end to find out all of my amazing phone case tricks and hacks you’ll fall in love with.

0:26 – De-stress DIY phone case
1:24 – DIY Coca-Cola phone case
2:49 – Adorable emoji phone case – 3D
4:18 – How to repurpose plastic straws
5:44 – Galaxy case
6:10 – Melted ice-cream decoration
7:38 – DIY jeans case

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