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15 Things to Do in Pokhara | POKHARA TRAVEL GUIDE NEPAL

48 hour Pokhara Travel Guide: https://grrrltraveler.com/48-hours-pokhara-things-to-do-pokhara-travel-guide. (Posted soon)

Nestled against Phewa Lake, is Pokhara, a metropolis that is the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit. It is a city of lakes, caves, mountains and is rich in natural beauty. Here’s things you can do in 48 hours Pokhara. Remember to Like and Subscribe.

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15 Things to Do in Pokhara

1- International Mountaineering Museum /National Everest Day & Kaji Sherpa
2- World Peace Pagoda
3- Hike to Phewa Lake
4- View of Phewa Lake
5- Boating on Phewa Lake
6- Barahi Lake Temple
7- Trekking (Pokhara is the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit)
8- Lakeside Pokhara
9- Shopping & Dining
10- Momos
11- Lake Boats in the early morning
12- Massage
13- Paragliding
14- Explore Pokhara on motorbike
15- Mahendra Caves
Pokhara Tips on Costs

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  1. I am sorry to se, who are you. Your talking to very nice.

  2. Hi I am kanchan. I liked to Nepal phokra city. I am going to 2020.

  3. Nice vidéo 👍long time I was not there, have to go again…

  4. Getting excited to visit Nepal on February.

  5. Yes really it's so so much and good place to visit pokhara in the center of Nepal it's really a good and a amazing place love love Nepal and I am proud to be a Nepal 😊😊😘😘😘😘🙍🙍
    Best Best place to
    Visiting in Nepal….

  6. If u go to kathmandu its really dusty

  7. Its my home city thank you for the visit

  8. What is the starting song name ?? plz

  9. oho you are already visited from my hometown so what do you feel about you are visiting in nepal and especially for my home towns

  10. You need to purchase an external mic, the audio quality is truly awful when compared to the Food Ranger or Mark Wiens, it will greatly improve your videos

  11. Rara lake.tilicho lake.weast nepal.

  12. Rukum.rukum kot(lotus lake).many lake.
    Natural beauty.nepal.

  13. Is Namaste belongs to Nepali, hmmm

  14. Thank you mam.. for showing our beautyfull nature country.. ❤️🙏

  15. I got several on both my legs

  16. The thing I hate about my country is mosquito bites

  17. Nice to see you put Upper Mustang in your Bucket List !

  18. I love you nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  19. You should have gone for bungee jumping… Its fun… My hometown!!

  20. Hi I'm your new subscriber from pokhara nepal

  21. i hope just never come to nepal asshole

  22. I am from Pokhara and When i am watching this video, I am so sad Not By natural Views but public toilets, Small houses soo poor family bad roads 😔

  23. This video does not justify Pokhara. Nowhere near!!!!!

  24. .8/5/2019 just been to the exact location …bought the same bottle of cola (500 ml ) for Rs 130….which is 60 cent more than actual price ….Even the vending machine takes a profit of 1$ with no effort while the people of that cafe walk for a long time bringing goods for just 60 cent extra ..we clearly even hear the lady saying 500 ml bottle ….i have no worries but it made the owners look bad in eyes of others…(the owner is not my friend or relative ) hope you would pin similar comment

  25. Wow very nice place
    From myanmar 😘❤️

  26. If you give a small amount of attention to older architecture, by say job levi, you can surmise why no tripod.

  27. There's no such thing as a s. Pole

  28. Nice video, Christine. Keep up the good work. I am not sure why do you even have to mention coke and sprite in such a lovely place. Does everyone have to drink those sugary drinks, which cause diabetes and obesity in millions of people. In fact, those unhealthy drinks should be banned from beautiful places like that and not sold to poor people around the world who are struggling to make a living. Thanks!

  29. She meant 500 ml. .. not 500 Rs

  30. its such a wonderful place to visit. I was in Pokhara earlier this year in the month of April. Thanks for uploading the videos, nothing but the good memories of my birth country 🙂

  31. They said 500 ml water bottle not rs 500. Pls correct it.pokhara Nepal is so beautiful and clean.

  32. got there amazing place Upper Mustang while in Kathmandu I tried Newali food and it was amazing

  33. 7:04 I understand Hindi and she clearly said 500ml not Rs , stop spreading misinformation .

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