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17 Kitchen Hacks Every Cook Should Know!! Life Hacks and DIYs by Blossom

Check out these 17 kitchen hacks that will show you how to save time, minimize effort, and enjoy your cooking adventures! For more pro chef hacks, cooking smarts and food preservation DIYs subscribe to Blossom!!

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  1. With the one who cut herself she needs to learn how to properly hold and use a knife. It is plain to see she was never taught.

  2. Dude why do you have so many spoons??

  3. I’m sorry how does air vaccumming meat make it last longer? There is still moisture from the steak which will cause it to freeze

  4. 1:45 ah yes I love my soggy guacamole

  5. Tear free onions+ 1 hour chopping time 1:00 btw use glasses

  6. The batter is what ? Wich material inside??

  7. These so called hacks are fake! This channel has been debunked many times over by other YouTubers. Don't follow these hacks unless you want to get food poisoning!!!

  8. A nother hack for the bread is make sure the dag has no air

  9. 4:29 I'm sorry but that's it! I'm out of this video. These "hacks" are bs.

  10. Salt makes spoiled milk fresh again? I don't think so.

  11. Mantab,suka dengan channel ini

  12. Can you count? Cuz these are way more than 17 hacks…

  13. Who leave the bread 1 week?

  14. If I catch you putting salt in your milk, we are not friends anymore.

  15. 1:42 The ones with "regular" water haven't been boiled, you can see there's not even water there lol

  16. Uhh aren't these life hacks from.the other YouTube Account?

  17. If you need these. You should probably stay out the kitchen

  18. Avocado: leave stone in the bowl or ad a few drops of lemon… not water you weirdo

  19. When I was young, we used bread to soften up the brown sugar 🤷‍♀️
    It doesnt mould, it goes rock hard/stale af.
    I assume the same thing happens with the cookies.

  20. Milk in salt? My cereal will not agree.

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