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18 Amazing DIY Cat Toys You Can Do at Home Compilation

18 Amazing DIY Cat Toys You Can Do at Home Compilation

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/noli_cat_channel

There is detailed dimension of woods on the blog.

List of full versions:

1. Cat wheel :

2. Air dancer :
Version 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYth_Yyf_Ek&t=4s
Version 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERuLPIUrB80

3. Water fountain :

4. Ferris wheel :

5. Automatic feeder :

6. Visible hammock :

7. Cat bag toy :

8. Fun feeder :
Version 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRaKcCEWfAY
Version 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO-00kXWZQs

9. Groot water fountain :

10. Drop tower :

11. Whack a mole toy

12. Robot bug :

13. Hide and seek box :

14. Vending machine :

15. Rolling pin toy :

16. Cat Hammock :

17. Air Whack a mole :

18. Cat tunnel :

Music – Attribution

TipToes – Myuu
Chunk – Quincas Moreira
Wild Pogo – Francis Preve
Bluesed and Abused – Quincas Moreira
AI 2 – Vibe Mountain
I’m Happy For This Guitar – Freedom Trail Studio
Love On File – Freedom Trail Studio
Hurts So Good Blues – Unicorn Heads


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  2. Someone's got a lot of time on their hands 🤔 but ingenious good use

  3. Yeah!. Let’s poison our cats with glue and chocking hazards.

  4. It is nice! But you have to have skills to do that! nice work !

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  6. that is fun for the cats!!

  7. O:54 thats not air dancing thats air karate

  8. 5:46 RIP distracted determined kitty.

  9. you are ingenious at making cat toys! so fun to watch!

  10. They are living the dream😂

  11. 5:45 I laughed so much 🤣💕
    and 8:10 too lmao

  12. Why didn't Noah get the one that looked like him wright in the replies

  13. Que ideas tan fabulosas para nuestros mínimos te felicito.

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  16. 2:30 wait… what if we have fat cats?

  17. Your cats are sooooo lucky

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  19. U may. Be cute but I won’t subscribe I ain’t smart enough to know how to build or buy the tech stuff required to make some of those toys

  20. you have a very cute and smart cats :3

  21. I want your cats they are so cute ^^

  22. No need to work so hard to entertain your cats. When you leave for the day just leave them some kitty porn.

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  25. My cat would love these toys. 🙁
    Don't get scared guys she didn't died. My mom doesn't let Ginnie, my cat to enter in the house because she vomited and pooped in my mom's bedroom.
    Luv u forever Ginnie😻😻😻😍😍😍😭😭😭

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