Let’s make an awesome smartphone projector! You’re probably wondering – What will I watch on it?
– Anything you like! If you need some ideas, here’s a few of our suggestions:

Pull on your Pjs or a Onesie, snuggle up under your covers and project movies and catch up TV onto your bedroom wall. Proper cosy. Just careful you don’t get popcorn under the sheets.

Having trouble fitting all your mates around your smartphone? Project those funny fail videos and Vines onto the wall instead – without anyone having to pull a muscle in their neck to join in. Boom!

Make up a slideshow of photos or cool visuals on your laptop, upload it onto your smartphone and create cool visuals at house parties. This also works well with still images – especially if you’ve got more than one Smartphone Projector.

Right, let’s get down to business. What’s inside the box? How do I put it all together?

Get your Blue Peter badge on, because this is where things get a little bit hands on. But don’t worry – you won’t need to collect a week’s worth of toilet roll tubes or ice lolly sticks to build the Smartphone Projector, ’cause most of what you need is already inside the box. In fact, the only extras that you need are tube of superglue or double sided sticky tape and 15 minutes (yep, that’s it!) of your time.

Box contents:

2 cardboard nets
4 cardboard rings
2 rubber o-rings
1 card tube
1 glass lens
1 sticky gel mat


1:53 Second life for your charger’s cable
3:55 Racing wheel
5:10 Smartphone projector
6:32 Keyboard decoration

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  1. Do you have a phone’s battery low? And you haven’t an outlet or a portable battery near it? Oh, don’t be upset! It's better to see how this can be solved at 8:40 😉

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