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20 Genius Baking Hacks

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  1. Excuse me? Sour cream over top of a cheesecake? … the disrespect

  2. i tried to blend sugar, and it’s just became fine sugar

  3. Ew mayonnaise in a cake?🤢🤢

  4. Cracked cheesecake? Just make more cheesecake on top of it

  5. Omg the parchment cupcake liners look even better than normal liners

  6. Can we make this the most likwd comment "yeet"

  7. Why would I want to put mayo in ANYTHING?! 🤢

  8. My cake came out burnt
    I have an even better hack
    Take some ice cream
    Get a spoon
    Then eat it because who can be sad about burnt cakes when you’re eating ice cream
    And if you’re lactose intolerant than sucks to suck

  9. ‘Add mayo’ ummm no thank you

  10. I don’t understand the cupcake jar because once you put the cupcakes in the jar how will you get the out without getting cake and icing all over your hand ?

  11. Wtf do you do with over filled cupcakes ffs?

  12. Do not trust 5mc or their "hacks". This channel is run by a bunch of fucking hacks who think we're stupid enough to believe this shit actually works. Also be aware of their sister channels, as well as channels like So Yummy & Blossom , as they also show bullshit "hacks" that will NEVER work. Stay informed & happy baking!

  13. This isn’t actually tasty it’s some random company using their vids

  14. Hey @BuzzFeed Nifty those sure are some awesome hacks. On my channel we have this awesome macaron recipe that you should def try. The link to my channel is- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3r4mZC21JacC7qwLtbgEA Make sure you check it out.

  15. Dont have eggs? Use Apple sauce instead!

  16. Oh no
    Buzzfeed is becoming Tasty+5-Minute Crafts.

  17. There's no point to tips and tricks if it doesn't save time……give the kids spoons and they'll eat it from cake pan rather than spend hours making cake pops out of it……IMHO

  18. Can't get cake out of the pan get frosting and whipped cream and eat it eat it by Al Yankovic

  19. I really enjoyed it. I'm making video background music, so please visit my channel if you need to.
    No copyright. You can just use it.

  20. Whenever I watch these, I wonder just how many people have Dutch ovens (and cast iron pans) lying around.

  21. If your cake is not coming out just eat it from the pan 🎂🎂
    If your chesecake cake is cracked who cares taste is same 🍰🍰
    If cupcakes are are under filled it doesn’t matter its still a cupcake 🧁🧁
    Its that simple ❤️

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