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Do you like potato chips? I’ll show you some ideas with chips and packages of chips. If you want to eat chips from a pack, do not get your hands dirty, use Chinese sticks. Do you know how to cook a huge chips? Put the thin pita bread on a baking sheet, brush with oil and add spices. Put in a hot oven for 10 minutes. This snack will be a great solution for a party.

Here are some more kitchen tips. To keep the milk from spoiling for a long time, add some salt to it. So that the meat in the refrigerator does not wind down, pack it in a vacuum bag. To save strawberries from mold, place the berries in water with vinegar. To save the stale cookies, place a piece of bread in a jar of cookies. To keep bread from moldy, put celery stalk in a bag of bread.

I will show you how to store cheese, how to store eggs, how to determine egg freshness, how to cook colored eggs, how to clean eggs easily, how to wash a bottle, how to separate the yolk from proteins, how to cook an egg in the microwave, how to cut an egg beautifully, and much more.


00:33 Smart chips tricks
02:09 Spoiled milk?
03:59 How to make cheese last longer
06:34 Awesome egg hack
08:16 Candles from eggs

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  2. Is this channel MEN or GIRLS?

  3. Are you seriously killing me such nice idea kill the chips an cut the cookies now put glue on the bananas and hang the strawberries on your face new fashion know

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  5. 3:45 how does celery stop bread from molding

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  8. 0.58 that chips is made out of plastic

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    Me:ur STUPID!!why

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  13. At 5:10 there’s an another way of taking out the yolk to,Take an empty plastic water bottle then suck the yolk up and that’s it.

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    2020: biggest lay chips that is as big as my head

  15. At 0:58 why would someone waste some perfectly good chips for a fire like come on there are branches you know X3

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