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20 GENIUS SCHOOL PRANKS AND TRICKS || Funny Food Hacks For School by 123 GO! GOLD

Epic coca cola with Mentos prank is back! You can shock your frineds with this classic trick to have so much fun together🤣!
Yummy orange juice in a phone case? This isn’t a joke, it’s a genius trick to sneak food in your class!
You’ll know how to create a unique phone case uisng glue and a kitchen plastic wrap, how to sneak candies using sticky notes and how to pull a prank on your classmates with no effort at all🤣
Enjoy funny school supply hacks and food tricks that will help you to survive a new day in school and have so much fun wih your friends!
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00:03 How to sneak food in class
00:25 How to decorate a phone case by yourself
01:56 How to hide sweets in school supply
03:02 Awesome school prank with fake tongue
04:03 Funny school food prank on your teacher
05:18 Coca cola and mentos prank on your bestie
07:44 School supplies hacks for smart students
09:33 Funny bloopers
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  2. ok kids, im going to teach u how to sneak a drink into class. Now first u buy a drink, stuff the darn thing in ur bag and that's. Don't go through this hell of putting it in ur phone case, like, -_-

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  13. At 4.43 mrs apple bee looks at the upside down cup so l think she knows like if you do to

  14. I love this channel it’s so fun and I learn so many cool hacks awesome

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  23. Lily : oh man that was all the candy I had

    5 seconds later: takes a handful and eats it secretly

  24. you now i love food food is my best friend i cant stop eating and thats okay i am alive i am free and i will never ever ever stop eating!

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