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21 Genius Life Hack

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21 Genius Life Hack


  1. Que bueno está todo bien ♥️♥️♥️♥️🙂🙂🙂🙂😁😂😉👻

  2. очередной лайфхарк в зрителя

  3. Stop!!. just stop you freaking maniac. OMG. I have never rolled my eyes so much in a single video. This is what happens when some messed up parents leave their teenage son locked up inside their basement for years.

  4. Wow!!!! You changed my life 😮 the best things I have ever seen, you are genius, most useless things ever seen omg.

  5. Андрей Саныч Бахметьев в шоке

  6. Less life hacks more like creative crafts with practical use

  7. ma che video di merda fai

  8. like si viniste por la miniatura😂😂😂😂 yo si😜😜

  9. este sujeto parece masoquista sabe que es malo jugar con cosas con filo y mas daño se hace en los dedos solo por tener mas like

  10. 7:08 спёр у сливки шоу

  11. Dont put a papercup over a candle! Fire saftey not in mind here!

  12. He just destroyed that knife! Thats not how you do it! You dont cut it!!!

  13. Yeah really useful "life hacks" idiots

  14. never have i ever been so concerned for humanity

  15. E poi ma cosa servono tipo le fionde non hanno senso ad esempio fai che sei a una festa non sai cosa fare e tiri fuori la fionda non ha senso fateli con un senso sti life hack

  16. Non ha senso quello con i fiammiferi ti prendi direttamente l accendino

  17. 1:19 forget to put the step where you change the chocollate for nutella. Oh shit that was intentioned.

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