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21 Things Brits HATE About Americans (And Why They're Wrong) 🇬🇧⚔🇺🇸

Do you hate how Americans say “herb” or “soccer”? Today we’re addressing 21 things that British people HATE about Americans! And we’re covering a wide variety of issues, from how Americans write dates to why we can’t seem to stop remaking British TV shows. 😄 If it grinds your gears when Yanks say “fall” or assume that all Brits talk like the Queen, then you’ll love this video! 😁🥂

As always, we want to hear from you guys as well! What did you think of the points we made in the video? Do you agree with what we said, or do you disagree? What do YOU hate about Americans? Drop your thoughts and rants in the comments and we can talk about it! 😄🎉



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  1. Make love, not war! …now that that's out of the way — what do YOU hate about Americans? 😂Drop your answer under this comment!

  2. I hope the person who took issue with 9/11 did so simply because it's an example we're always hearing, rather than any reflection on the terrible events of that day. Eric, in speech there's obviously no problem, but it is very confusing with any written date up to the 12th/December when most of the rest of the world does it dd/mm/yy. I don't HATE it, but if I ruled the world it's one of the first things I'd change!

  3. Speaking as an Anglo Irish aussie Loud loud u don’t have to shout talk AMERICA!!Australian s spell some things American way too dates metric uk way though the patriotism flags allegiances love of military guns ok ranti defensive of your crappy medical system Like cities scenery animals though lack of sarcastic and dark humour those toilet gaps root means sex in Australia

  4. I don't hate anyone (apart from Nazis, Racists, Stalinists…ah, maybe I do). However, I don't feel comfortable when citizens of the USA call themselves 'Americans' as if they own the entire continent. Like, when people from Brazil (a country in the Americas) refer to US citizens as 'United Statesians'….Just saying.

  5. im not scratching the paint off my bonnet by sitting my ass on it

  6. Showing my age, I remember when the original Star Trek was on TV. The thing that many people in Scotland noticed was just how bad a Scottish accent Mr Scott had!

    Nobody got upset. It was a running joke and even when it was mentioned in the Scottish newspapers they made light humour about it.

    I was once corrected during a fax conversation because of my bad spelling, peculiar grammar and bizarre date format. I don't get stroppy much and treated it all as a light hearted discussion.

    It is not properly "British" to hate people for being different. If someone is an arse***e they can feel superior about it but I just think it's really neat that there are all these interesting differences to explore!

  7. I don't hate Americans but one thing I have noticed is how loud and full of themselves Americans can be, they are too extrovert for my taste I'd say English people are generally quieter.

  8. I would say 50% of those comments were hyperbolic in their use of the word HATE and the other half were just from "internet people". Either way, I wouldn't take it too seriously.

  9. Americans write Minutes:Seconds:Hours.

  10. I assume the muffin they are referring to is what I think you would call an English muffin. But I don't think that is the same as an American biscuit. In fact I'm not sure if we have what you call a biscuit. But then I've never had one so what do I know?!

  11. Herb should be pronounced 'erb, I'm up to 10:27 and so far all the complaints have been complete BS.

  12. I hear your language explanations, I respect your language explanations, but of course the English way is right 😜

  13. I pronounce zeitgeist, genuine, route the same as you. Your muffin is a bun, same as ours. Your biscuit looks more like a scone. 'Soccer' comes from 'association football' and comes originally from English. I hate Brits who hate Americans for such trivial reasons. I'm sure most of these are tongue-in-cheek.

  14. Your muffin looks like a cup cake, your biscuits look like a scone "scon". This is a muffin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_muffin

  15. Autumn has seemed odd to me since I was a child. Calling it fall made more sense, because the leaves fall from the trees.

  16. The pants/trousers difference is a very modern thing, and it’s an affectation that’s spread across the country from the south east over the last fifteen years or so. The long garment I wear on my legs is called trousers or pants. Unsurprisingly , the short garment I wear under it is called underpants. I’m 52 now, brought up in West Yorkshire, and trousers were/are always pants. As I said, the use of pants for underwear is a very modern thing. I’d like to see its adherents shot if I’m being honest.

  17. You do realise that most of these responses are tongue in cheek – or ironic? The English are very good at irony

  18. Wow. It does seem to be that way here, that people don't like alternative ways of speaking English. Being from an Irish background, my dialect varies between UK and Irish. But I've been told, "that's not the way you say it!" When using irishisms. I don't think your way of speaking or spelling over in America is wrong. Just different and it's a petty reason to despise a nation just because they talk differently

  19. That 9/11 one was pathetic, nicely handled.

  20. English muffin is bread. Bacon and egg McMuffin is an English muffin from McDonald's.

  21. Lots and lots of inferiority complexes on display, probably with good cause!

  22. Let’s be honest – all of these are very petty. How can you actually hate anyone because of pronunciation and use of language! The people this survey picked must be a bunch of halfwits.

  23. Get real not all Brits pronounce every English word in the same way, the myriad of accents makes this impossible so climb down off of your high pompous horses.
    Besides there are a lot more of us then there are of you so its our language that dominates not yours.
    Herb is French and they drop the H so ours is more correct than yours so waah wa we waah a

  24. Did you get confused when over hear if this did happen to you

    It's been gaining traction last god knows how many years where as English say dolla meaning pound can imagine someone saying it to You and you like well it's £1 to xxx amount of dollars doing the conversation in your head
    If this happened what was your take did you understand the slang or did it screw with ya head

  25. If you ever do meet a Welsh person, just act calm – you'll be fine.

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