Genius secrets everyone should try

Most things we use every day have multiple uses that we have no idea about. So, in this video, I show you some amazing secrets that will change your life.
When going camping, instead of filling your cooler bag with ice-cubes, you can fill some resealable bags with washing up liquid and freeze them. They’ll last longer.
You can save water while washing your clothes by placing your socks in a resealable bag and then adding some warm water and washing up the liquid inside. This way, you’ll wash them faster and you’ll never lose your socks in the washing machine. Another thing you can try is to put your wet umbrella in a resealable back when going into your home or a building to avoid rain drop stains on the floor.
Add a piece of cling film beneath your doormat to prevent it from sliding when you walk on it. Another genius kitchen lifehack is to reuse the lid from a tin can and protect your fingers while cutting up your veggies.
Don’t throw away your corks, you can repurpose them into all sorts of useful crafts. Such as drawer handles for your dresser, coasters or even plant pots.
I show you how to reuse old boxes to come up with your own organizers for your clothes and stationery.
Stay tuned until the end to see all the solutions I have for you. – I show you how to clean a mattress, how to remove wax stains from the carpet and many more.

0:07 – Amazing hacks using resealable bags
2:35 – How to pack your dishes while moving
4:11 – DIY stationery binder
6:22 – Amazing hack using wine corks
7:41 – Genius tricks with cable ties
9:25 – How to repurpose a Pringles container
10:39 – Genius solutions to annoying problems

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  1. Second one was good 🙂🙂🙂👍

  2. 12:40
    She turned the chair! She could have just painted it like that, also what do you do when you have chair-paint on the floor?

  3. 3:08 she really likes that plate😂😂

  4. Like water can’t do the same job cheaper.

  5. What are these bags called ? Can we buy these?

  6. Hi dear lm from kerala.super works ✌&I like it💕💕

  7. Lvoe😍😍😍😍😙😚😘

  8. Save water
    Uses plactic
    Turtles-am i a joke to u

  9. 1:28 i wonder who takes plain bread with them everywhere and why in a bag – SAVE THE TURTLES!!

  10. 8:26
    There is something called a belt is there not?

  11. U r killing the turtles 🐢😢🐢

  12. 2:59 The box in empty 🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. i have never seen a 4 ring binder

  14. This is 5 minute craft guys 5 minute

  15. Put a copper coin in the vase of tulips and they won't droop

  16. 1:46 that looks more like a piece of clay

  17. Dali je 5-minute craft oz Srbije?

  18. For any situation…keep that in note for the funeral

  19. The single use plastic in this video is killing me. she literally used one of those plastic things to draw a circle! And then is food for the fish 😱

  20. 10:45 only i see they don t put essential oil

  21. The first hack just makes you waste a lot of dish soap when you could have used water. Also this is the first time that the thumbnail matched the hacks.

  22. Did she just put fairy where the food is??? Could you just put water 🤷🏻‍♀️

  23. "Save the water"
    But this 50 plastic bags.. B!tch please

  24. 8:40 or you can just buy and wear a belt… Like a functioning human being… 😑

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