Relatable situations for clumsiness and how to find a solution

It’s inevitable that we’ll encounter annoying situations in our everyday life. So, in this video, I show you some ideas to solve all of your problems.
You can use dental floss to tie your hair back in a ponytail in the morning.
If you’re riding your bike in a slippery road, you can use cable ties on your tires to make them anti-slippery. Another use for cable ties is to use them on your jean zippers if they’re broken. Or you can use them to make your jeans smaller when they’re too big around your waist.
I also show you some great hacks using dental floss. You can tie it around some matches to make them last longer. You can use it to carve a hard-boiled into fun shapes. And, you can use it to remove cookies from your baking tray without breaking them.
I also show you some fun ideas to repurpose old stuff in your house and turn them into cute decorations. For example, you can use egg cartons and repurpose them into handbags. Or you can use egg cartons to make adorable plant pots using cement.

0:21 – Amazing uses for cable ties
2:06 – DIY organizer for your umbrellas
3:15 – Cool uses for dental floss
5:57 – Adorable cement plant pots
7:57 – DIY handbags from scratch
9:03 – Home display for notes and photographs

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  1. i don't see how these are for clumsy people. they're still pretty cool, but i'm just confused

  2. I though of another way to reuse the egg carton, line it with saran wrap and use it as a paint container

  3. Who the heck is eating all those eggs?
    Also, I’m poor, been poorer, but I’d rather stay home than go out with an egg carton handbag

  4. Does everyone just carry around cement in 2020??

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  7. Me: sneaks into bathroom
    Still me: I need this for my math takes pencil out

    Mom: Where's my pencil Rebekah?!
    Me: idk is doing math with pencil

  8. Or you know, just use a hair tie instead of floss

  9. Good 💕💯❤️🌹💕👌👍

  10. Ew. The amount of salt on those cookies aren’t okay!!

  11. Dental floss is for your teeth, not other stuff. Use your stuff wisely.

  12. I love the egg tray hacks tho

  13. This is so Fuckin' useless, why people like this Damn Useless Content

  14. So everything will SMELL and TASTE like mint? ;-;

  15. Is it just me who thinks that the dental floss looks like airpods

  16. Idéias maravilhosas Parabéns amei todas

  17. This is like a video made just for me…….I BET NOBODY IS AS CLUMSY AS ME!!!!😂😃😅

  18. nice video plz subscribe my chanel

  19. تبادل اشتراكات

  20. very insteresting.
    who is here before 1m views?

  21. Or u could just use a rubber band 🤔🤔

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