We all go through little annoying moments quite often. But, in this video, I show you some smart solutions on how to solve them.
If your jeans feel too skinny and you can’t put them on, simply add a pair of plastic bags on your legs and then put on your jeans on top. The plastic bags will help the denim fabric slide on your leg easier.
I show you how to shorten your trousers using bobby pins. You simply fold them at the bottom and then attach the bobby pin at the back where it isn’t visible.
Another genius clothing hack is to use a men’s tie to keep your jeans in place instead of a belt.
I also have some sweet makeup hacks for you too. For example, when doing your eyeliner and you’re struggling to make it even on both eyes, you can use some concealer to correct it instead of removing your whole makeup.
If some of the knitting thread from your sweater came off, then you can use a bobby pin to correct it without having to sew it back.
You can file your shoes with a nail file if they seem too slippery and then apply some hair spray to them.

0:16 – How to avoid the camel toe
1:33 – Genius hacks for denim jeans
2:24 – DIY creative belt
4:34 – Beauty hacks for embarrassing moments
5:53 – Awesome hack for your eyelashes
7:08 – Smart and quick clothing fixes
9:47 – How to remove bad odor from your clothes

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  1. Kon kon ye hack sirf dekhta hai apply nhi krta

  2. Such a shame that these type of youtubers exist.

  3. She sliding them jeans on now but how she gonna get them off

  4. Todo lo del vídeo yo lo vi como 3 beses en otros vídeos estoy arta de que lo pacen como 5 veces en distintos vídeos 😤😤😧😧😧😠😠no es molesto


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  7. Yeah, cuz rubber removes plaque.

  8. I wanna know the names of all these songs

  9. 2:30 or you could just use a belt

  10. um little inappropriate on the the second hack (to close lady to close:)

  11. I tryed the furst one and it choked me

  12. 1:48 I love the pants and the outfit

  13. 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  14. U do know kids watch this right?

  15. I watch every time and i can't do any thing

  16. The one with the hat and ponytail there are hats that are made with a hole for your ponytail

  17. 2:24 you can use a freaking belt

  18. What about people with ginger hair ? Or any other colour hair ? 5:30

  19. I like how there was a reminder half way through to remind us what we were watching.

  20. I do not agry on even wach theas.

  21. High yugjj bjjvj Yh. No in nbvnv I J hnhngnccnvngnhcj egg hhfhhuhhhhhghbugfgitkrroijhhhjjjhjj by &(jmgjgkjjjjhj
    Rojggbnnhhn nfjggjgjgjgj.


  22. Bruh why do I even watch these I mean some of them our good idk but WHY NOT WEAR A BELT OR LEAVE THE WHITE ONE IT'S LIKE U NOT TRYING I MEAN COME ON THINK BEFORE U DO IT

  23. actually when my sleeves are to long I don't care and I like how they make my hands warm

  24. 5:19 what is her costume..name can anyone tell me..?

  25. when you are already embarrased (bc this video shows..)

  26. The THUMBNAIL 🤦‍♂️

  27. Video thinks camel toes need a hack 7 thumbs down
    I think video should be age restricted. Creepy boss is my favourite charecter.

  28. Ok, these are absolutely terrible. Who would actually use these hacks?

  29. I wonder how they come up with these.
    Do they just sit there and mix things for hours until they get it right?
    Or do they have a good education and know what to mix?

    I want to know.

  30. Like if I’m going to have underwear at work

  31. Why don’t you show your face

  32. Okay, marketing team! Who else got an ad for dove deodorant after the stinky pits bid?

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