Amazing school lifehacks to try this school year

Sometimes remembering all the things we need to for a test can be very difficult, so I show you some tricks that will help you cheat on a test. You can write all your notes at the bottom of a half-filled coca-cola bottle and then when you need to see them, you can flip it upside down. You can also, crop an eraser in half, write all your notes and then close it back again. Each time, you want to see something, you can just open your eraser and voila.
To give your schoolbag a more fun look, you can take some tape, cut up some pieces off of it and use it as a stencil to spray paint your school bag all sorts of fun colors.
I show you how to crop different colors of card paper to make your own separators in your notebook. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a way to attach them, you can use paperclips and place them in between spirals.
You can use an empty tic-tac container to create a portable sharpener container. This way you won’t have to go to the bin every time you want to sharpen your pencil.
Watch my whole video to discover all of my school DIYs, hacks and stationery ideas to make you adore your time in class.

0:07 – Amazing ways to cheat on a test
2:36 – DIY notebook cover
3:57 – Amazing math trick
6:05 – How to fix your school mark
8:56 – DIY notebook extensions
11:36 – How to attach papers together without paper clips
13:17 – Amazing calligraphy tutorial

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  1. Who tf brings a box cutter to school 😂

  2. why would you have a LAZAR BLADE in your BOOK BOX!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 0:30 are you even aloud cola in class

  4. No hate but we cant have box cutters in school and if people try this and they get caught cheating they are in serious trouble.!!

  5. 7:33 who in the right mind brings a box cutter to school?

  6. Every one has alchohol and knifes in class we defenintly do have does

  7. 0:56 is made in Malaysia 🤓❤️💯

  8. Why are you teaching kids how to cheat? Shame on you!

  9. Wat voorn kind mag een mes mee naar school

  10. When they erase the f and make it a a what do they do with the answers they got wrong🧐 lol

  11. Ulan bizde e okul var siz ne ayak

  12. Omg I'm at 6th grade and since 4th I learned multiplication tables…THEY ARE ON HIGH SCHOOL OR MIDDLE SCHOOL AND THEY DON'T KNOW THEM?! a disapointment…

  13. I didn't like that bags design

  14. toca decir algo aqui estan eseñando a los niños ser bagos

  15. 1:40 cause everyone brings a hairdryer to school

  16. El vídeo está echo para hacer trampa en el colegio y no es lo ideal

  17. All its okay but 7:30 tell me who have a knife in a school

  18. So basically 5min crafts is telling all of us how to cheat?

  19. Oh boy i wish i knew how to take off my iphone 11 pro camera sooneerrrr….

  20. Schools don’t allow cokes. Goodness you must be brainless.

  21. Cheating on dad with a cellphone was a nice trick… but that's just a beginning of cheating life which leads straight to the hole.

  22. the picture? How do you take you CAMARA off on your phone 😡😂

  23. is it just me or does other people school show x's when you get it wrong so if you try changing a d- to a a t it wont work cause they will see the x's

  24. Bu kopya kopyada hırsızlıktır

  25. 0:28, surely teachers won´t catch you staring at the sideways bottle lol! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! REMEMBER JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON AMEN!

  26. Montage 12×2=32,12×2=24

  27. At 7:33 a X-Acto knife in my school would get me expelled if I chosed to take one to school pull it out and pull the blade out would scare not only the students that would be around me but the whole school for bringing a weapon to school

  28. yea just put alcohol on your book and bring it to school thats fine

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