In this video, I show you how to get creative and come up with solutions in order to solve all of your annoying little problems.
To open a glass bottle of coke or sprite, simply use the metallic piece on your belt.
If you don’t have laundry detergent to wash your clothes, simply grate a solid soap bar and then place in the washing machine.
If your clothes are filled with fuzzies, simply remove them with a shaving razor.
You can open persistent lids from jars by wearing a rubber glove. Rubber greats enough friction to remove the lid without all the hassle.
You can also use a clean paint roller to apply moisturizer on your back.
To make your own stand for your tablet, simply take a clear case to it and then stick the back piece of a picture frame at the case.
If you don’t have a spoon to eat your yogurt or ice-cream. Simply take a fork and roll it with some tape.
Watch until the end to find out how to iron your shirt without a clothing iron.

1:10 – DIY laundry detergent
3:07 – Incredible bedroom hack
4:58 – Relatable loneliness
7:19 – DIY spoon for emergencies
8:53 – Car cleaning trick
9:40 – Genius kitchen hack

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  1. 0:37 its all waste we indians have better techniques 😂

  2. 7:29 I would have used a spoon instead🙄

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    If you like life hacks, you'll surely enjoy this video about their fails

  4. Fuck you bright sun 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  5. The toilet seat one was gross…who agrees?

  6. 24 smart life hacks!!! , I would rather to call 24 comedian life hacks… What is that s**

  7. I like there song choices, and my b-days tomorrow!!1 🙂 (15th)

  8. Who else came because of the thumbnail

  9. Ak Parti' nin kanalı bu?

  10. There is a man yet this is the girl's channel 😂

  11. You post super many every day as much as 25 or 30 videos no hate

  12. Who keeps a power drill in there bathroom, Needle nose needle nose pliers in there pocket, and a razor in there house plant?

  13. One of THE most ridiculous videos, I've EVER watched is yours and trust me there have been many to choose from!! Why I watched it to the end, is beyond me.
    I think it was out of sheer curiosity – to how much more stupid it could get. There aren't enough minute timers I could put up to show the ridiculousness, BUT I don't think I will see anything more creepy than at 4:30 for a while!! 5 minute craps – guys!! Come on!!?! 🤔🙄😕

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