Sweet chocolate ideas and decorations for your delicious cakes

To give some color to your delicious recipes and DIYs I show you how to make your own chocolate cake decorations.
You can make adorable chocolate noodle decorations, by pouring some hot-liquid chocolate in a jar filled with icy-cold water.
Then, you can take it out and place it on top of your cake or cupcakes.
You can also pour some melted chocolate on some greaseproof paper and then crumble it up a bit. This will create little folds in the chocolate that you can use later as floral pedals.
Another great idea with melted chocolate is to use a rolling pin to give it some shape and then place it all-around your cake.
For those times, that you want to serve dessert to your guests. – you can try making your own edible chocolate bowls. You can use an inflated balloon as a stencil, or you can use a large ladle.
For your birthday cake, you can pour some white and milk chocolate on a piece of greaseproof paper and give it a spiky shape with a toothpick. Then, you apply multiple of them on your cake and voila. – A unique, beautiful chocolate design.
You can make sweet chocolate cones – like the ones we have on ice-creams to give your birthday cake a spiky look.

1:23 – DIY adorable chocolate bowl
2:25 – DIY spiky chocolate cake decorations
5:13 – Delicious oreo cake lollipops
7:05 – Melted chocolate vs ice
8:33 – DIY chocolate straw
10:50 – Adorable chocolate noodles
12:22 – Chocolate swirl cake recipe

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