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25 Genius Life Hacks For Dogs

Life hacks for dogs. In this video we will show you some amazing pet hacks how to make life with your dog easier, happier and overall better.
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Our dogs play an important role in our lives, and it is right that we treat them as the jewels they are. We should always try to make our life with them as good as possible. That is why we are bringing you those 25 life hacks for you and your dog.

In this video we will show you how to use old things and turn them into amazing toys, what is a good natural remedies against ticks and fleas, how to make training more fun, what product is best to clean pee stains and much more.

If you just want to see some of the dog life hacks, use these TIMESTAMPS:

0:47 Baking soda
1:13 Dental hygiene
1:35 Dresses for dogs
2:11 Stomach problems
3:03 Paw protection
3:31 Dog toys
3:39 Kong toys
4:22 Dogs and water
4:53 Old pillowcases
5:08 Hunting
5:57 Bad breath
6:30 Choosy dogs
6:51 Cutting the nails
7:15 Potty training
7:47 Fun training
8:27 Levander
8:50 Essential oils
9:13 Walks in hot weather
9:49 DIY crinkle toy
10:11 Obesity
10:58 Microchips
11:46 Tail wagging
12:17 Garbage
12:56 Dogs in cars

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  1. What would be your best tip for other dog owners? 🙂

  2. The baking soda tip is great i discovered it only few months ago and it really work wonders

  3. #22 Microchips cause pets pain, illness and exploitation. Before you implant one in your pet, find out more at https://chipmenot.info

  4. With our first rough collie we used to put scarves on her head and tied in pretty bows under her chin. Same with the carin terrier, and "halfghan" hound (half Afghan and half golden retriever). Our English Bull Dog would wear sweaters and resembled Winston Churchill. My Poppy Jo has had birthday crowns to wear for a few minutes. We also dressed up our Siamese cats (all boys) in doll dresses when I was a child. Some loved being dressed (English Bull Dog) and the others just tolerated being dressed up.

    Great tips and some I knew about and some are new and I am going to try them.

    Thanks so much for all of the information you give. Another excellent video.

  5. Thanks for the tips. Ironically, I only dressed up our Lab on occasion, just long enough to photograph him. I never dressed up the mini pinschers or the mini dachshund. I wouldn't dress up dogs now unless it serves a practical purpose; inclement weather.

  6. Good video and good info.😊😊😊

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