You will love this video because you will find ideas that will change your life! Check out handy travel ideas that will help you to solve any problem. You will learn how to pack toothpaste, how to use a balloon to store liquid soap, what to do with excess luggage weight, how to make compact blush paper. Use disposable gloves to store shampoo, conditioner, and soap. We share a cool tutorial on how to make compact blush paper at home. Beat blusher using a hammer. In a bowl, mix with glycerol and stir. Take a baking tray and put wax paper on it. Pour the mixture on one side and spread over the wax paper using a big brush. Let dry and cut into squares after that.
Another collection of awesome lifehacks is about hidden iPhone functions everybody should know. Sometimes we need a scientific calculator, and there is an easy way to do it – turn the calculator sideways. You can electronically sign documents from your email. Firstly, open the document and tap toolbox icon and tap ‘’Signature’’. Sign the document using your finger and tap ‘’Done’’. Moreover, you can use your iPhone as a scanner. This handy function is hidden inside the Notes App. Firstly, launch Notes app, create a note and tap the more button (+ symbol) above the keyboard. Tap scan document.
As a bonus, you will find organizational and clothing lifehacks that will help to clean up your wardrobe. You will learn smart lifehacks on how to store shoes. Watch the video and learn how to store cleaning tools using a pool noodle. Reuse cereal boxes to store underwear in the drawer.

00:28 Hidden iPhone functions
03:10 Pocket scanner
03:50 Brilliant travel ideas
08:28 Compact blush paper
12:33 How to organize your wardrobe

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  1. These aren't life hacks if your already able to do this with you phone

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  7. Wow a calculator , this is the smartest life hack I ever saw

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    If you did, thats sad…
    Your phone was broken, and now damaged.

  14. Why would the magnifier be a life hack if it s a phone function!

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    Like how u gunna use a razor to REMOVE cracks on ur phone?!?! It's just going to make more scratches

    I give a plastic gold trophy (probably from a carnival game) to 5 minute crafts

  18. Am I the only one who doesn’t know what a thumbnail even is

  19. If you have to use hot glue for a life hack it's probably not a life hack

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