How to wash the mixer? Pour water into the bowl and add dishwashing detergent, turn on the mixer. Done! How to wash the shower head? Pour the vinegar in a plastic bag, put this bag on the shower head and leave for 30 minutes. How to cool a can of cola or beer quickly? Wrap the can with wet paper and put it in the fridge. How to wash grater? Use a toothbrush. How to cook instant noodles without pan and stove? Cook the noodles in the electric kettle.

How to get rid of dandruff? Make a natural hair mask. Mix egg and warm beer, put a mask on your hair, rinse with water. How to iron a t-shirt quickly? If you don’t have time to iron the T-shirt at all, just put it under the sofa cushion and lay down on top. After some time, get a T-shirt from under the cushion.

How to keep the fridge clean? Wrap refrigerator shelfs with plastic. How to clean the grill? Use the cut sponge. How to make an organizer for cosmetics or small tools? Glue together a few packs of yogurt. How to clean a clogged sink? Pour into the pipe a mixture of soda and salt, pour warm vinegar. Then pour boiling water. How to clean the dirty oven? Use baking soda and water.


2:30 How to cool a beer can
3:53 How to get rid of dandruff
6:51 Greasy oven
7:42 How to cut a watermelon
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