We prepared a collection of brilliant lifehacks that will help you to keep warm in winter, to avoid flue and unexpected uses panty liners.
It’s a flu season now and it’s better to wear face masks to prevent getting the flu. If you don’t have a mask at the moment, but everybody around the office seems to be ill, you can make a face mask by your hands. Take a tissue and rubber bands then watch the tutorial we share! If you need to make a bowl for noodles, you can make it out of a paper plate and plastic forks. If it’s rainy outside and you don’t have a raincoat, you can easily make it out of a trash bag. Another cool lifehack is to make home slippers out of a cardboard box.
Here is a collection of surprising uses of such an ordinary thing as panty liners: transform panty liners into emergency flip flops; forget about annoying sweat stains and stick a panty liner to the sports jacket; if you need insoles to get warm, use sanitary pads; use a panty liner to wash out a makeup; make a night mask out of a sanitary pad; use panty liners to hide camel toe when you wear leggings.
Winter is a magic time but sometimes it could be very cold and you need to know some brilliant hacks. Check out a collection of winter life hacks that will keep you warm and survive during the cold weather. Attach synthetic winterizer to the inner part of your pants to keep your legs warm during long walks. Use cooking spray if the snow sticks to the shovel. The spray will prevent snow from sticking and you don’t need to clean it every 5 minutes. Do you need a winter hat? Simply cut your old sweater and watch the tutorial. Cut your socks to make comfortable mittens.

00:16 How to prevent a flu
01:35 DIY raincoat
06:40 Brilliant winter hacks
06:57 DIY winter pants
07:45 A winter hat out of a sweater

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  1. 7:13 Save this smart tip for the next winter💡

    More smart clothing solutions for you https://youtu.be/mDV7tjHw6bM

  2. 1:55 go buy a rain coat or an umbrella ..

  3. First trick is super best because cornea vires going on

  4. that's why people are buying so much toilet paper

  5. There is actualy caronaviros so every body in thePhilipins can not go to shool and you can not travel andyou can not go to the mall

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    Don't keep your self dirty

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  14. Honey that mask ain’t gonna help you

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    Did this show up on my recommendation page now cause due to the corona viaurus cause if do nothing really helped 😊

  17. You all know you’re only here because of the thumbnail and corona

  18. 0:19 well, we don't have face masks OR toilet paper anymore because of Corona, so that's basically useless.

  19. And if you can’t sleep and need a face mask- BUY ONE

  20. And last hate comment (maybe). If you can’t sleep- MAYBE ITS BECAUSE IN THE VID YOU HAD THE LIGHTS ON

  21. Those pad things (forget name) will not keep your feet THAT warm

  22. And also if you want slippers- BUY SOME ITS NOT THAT HARD! If you sweat- PUT DEODORANT ON!

  23. People are WAY TOO worried about the…..

  24. We are finally going to use some hacks lol

  25. Did anyone click because of the coronavirus?

  26. I think these life hacks are pretty much just for girls because I don’t think boys would have or need pads

  27. At least the facemask is worth it.

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