Everybody has at least one egg in the fridge because eggs are used in almost all recipes from breakfast to desserts. Moreover, eggs are a source of protein, Omega-3, and other important elements. We prepared a selection of clever tricks to cook the best eggs ever:
– Use a skimmer to separate yolks
– Cook eggs in the ladle to make small portions of omelet
– Use a straw for perfect decoration for kids
– Try our perfect recipe of fried eggs
– Use a big eggshell to remove the tiny one from a bowl
Check out simple and genius household hacks everybody should know. Use orange zest and salt to clean your dirty cups with coffee and tea stains. Use WD-40 to clean greasy grill rack. You gonna totally love our binder clip hack – use it to organize wires on your desk. Keep your refrigerator clean and sticky-free by wrapping the shelves with plastic wrap. Remove the food from shelves and clean them. Apply plastic wrap to each of the shelves.
We love magnets as they are super-useful around the home. If you need to find tiny metal items around your floor, try to use a magnetic sheet. Here is the clever way to use it – glue magnetic sheet to your mop to find with metal items on the floor. Another cool and useful lifehack is to use magnets to attach posters to the wall. Every girl knows that sometimes it’s hard to organize bobby pins as they are everywhere and they are so small that sometimes it’s hard to find them in the drawer. So, glue a small magnet to the bottom of a small saucer you like to organize bobby pins, safety pins, and paperclips in your drawer. Moreover, you can use magnets to store toothbrushes in the bathroom.

00:09 Surprising egg hacks
03:15 Best breakfast idea
05:21 Quick way to clean coffee stains
05:57 Hacks with magnets
13:26 Keep your refrigerator clean
15:04 Clever office lifehacks

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  1. Dang girl that's a lot of butter

  2. All your hacks I've tried don't work

  3. 10:50 I think you could just lift without the harness, you have a friend now

  4. This video should be named egg and magnet hacks

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  6. Mom: Hey! What u doing?


    Literally nobody in the whole universe:


    Me: Oh you know, the usual. Putting my plant in an egg that I left in cement.

    Mom: Oh lord why did I ever want this demon.

  7. This video has more useful ideas than any before

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    Have a great day or night wherever you live and enjoy life 😊❤✌

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    are u in any way related to brightside, another youtube channel??

  11. i would never have the patience to make any diy crafts
    if i made one, it wouldnt be very precisely done, and more of a shabby work

  12. i wonder how much real time it takes for them to do one 15 min video
    probably a lot compared to 15 mins

  13. who else just watches the hacks but doesnt try them?

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    r u out of ideas or what?

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