This time you will find a collection of lifehacks that will ease your life and help to solve small problems around the house:
– Transform a marker into an emergency candle if needed
– Watch our tutorial and transform your marker into a multicolored marker
– You can easily make DIY blacklight using your phone and marker
– Turn your old boring sneakers into DIY galaxy sneakers. You will need markers, rubbing alcohol, and white canvas shoes. Remove the shoelaces, use blue, purple, green and black colors. Spray the alcohol on the shoes
– Wrap the remote control with wrapping plastic prevent stains
– Make an awesome door stopper out of an empty paint tube. This door stopper is so realistic that everybody will think that some paint has been squeezed out and leaked all over the floor
– Use perfume to renew your dry marker and share the result with friends
– Make a cute USB Flash driver out of empty lip balm container
– Turn a silicone mold into a phone case
– Make a phone holder from empty toilet paper roll
– Check out a surprising way to remove a broken bulb base using a potato or plastic bottle
– Pour water, vinegar, and baking soda into a plastic bottle and watch our video how to use it for clogged sink
– Find how to make perfect dishwashing gloves to wash dishes as quickly as possible
– You can make a hand-shaped soap that looks really cool in the bathroom. You will need a soap base, coloring, disposable glove, and suction cup. Melt soap base, add some coloring stir. Take a vase or a big jar and place a glove into it upside down. It should hang inside. Pour soap base inside, attach a suction cup as it’s shown in the video and wait until it cools down. Remove the glove

00:37 DIY Emergency candle
01:38 Galaxy sneakers
03:36 Handmade door stopper
05:16 Phone cases
12:45 Hand-shaped soap

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  1. Keep you palms and nails neat 11:52
    Save these ideas:
    00:37 DIY Emergency candle

    01:38 Galaxy sneakers

    03:36 Handmade door stopper

    05:16 Phone cases

    12:45 Hand-shaped soap

    Best hot glue crafts https://youtu.be/L_SEmdFNT0w

  2. Weres the part when you put a L E M O N on your phone? Because I want to try it :). Oh wait it will ruin it 🙁

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  8. Name : 5- minutes craft
    Video 14 minutes

  9. what is the green thing in the toilet?

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  12. At 7:06 you do big fail iphone 7 dont got hole for headphones

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