Clothing DIYs that will transform your wardrobe

We all have clothes that we no longer have any use for, or, clothes that look boring and we would like to make to turn them into something more pretty. So, in this video compilation, we are sharing with you some amazing clothing hacks that will help you re-invent your old clothes into a new stylish clothing item. For example, we are showing you how to turn a plain sleeveless shirt into a beautiful crossed-neck t-shirt that you can wear when you go out for coffee. Watch our whole video demonstration to get inspiration for new outfits that suit your everyday needs; such as work outfits, school outfits and formal outfits for a night out.

– If your hoodies’ cuffs seem too long and it’s becoming inconvenient for you, we demonstrate an amazing way to sew the cuffs and make them look shorter. This one is perfect if you are a beginner and you have no idea how to sew – just watch our step-by=step video demonstration on how to do it.

– For those of you who love embroidery and would like to start to experiment on your clothes to give them that little extra color, we demonstrate a step by step tutorial on how to create a floral bouquet on your clothes using thread and then use some lace for the extra touch. Watch our video to see how easy it is.

– We also show you how to shorten your sleeve cuffs by folding them and then keeping them in place by sewing a very simple and cute little kitty’s face on them to prevent them from unfolding. This one is great to do on a plain colored t-shirt or if your t-shirt in order to emphasize on the sleeves, or, you can do it to on a t-shirt that has multiple colors and try to much the thread to the secondary colors it already has.

– We know the struggle of losing a button from your favorite jeans, and that shouldn’t stop you from wearing them especially when you try our little hack on how to make your very own button using a coin. You simply place a coin in the middle of a round jean cut-out and then using thread you create a dotted circle around it. After that, you simply pull the thread after you completed your circle and the coin will be trapped in the circle. Finally, you just saw the button you just created back into the jean and voila.

– In addition to the sewing hacks, we also show you how to transfer any beautiful illustrations on your white t-shirts using an old pair of pantyhose, a sharpie, and some mod podge. This one is great because you can print all the designs you like and you’ll only need to trace the outline of the picture and voila. Watch our whole video demonstration to get some inspiration if you are looking for a way to decorate your shirts and give them some color.
0:45 – How to shorten your sleeve cuffs
0:57 – Beautiful bouquet for your clothes
1:45 – Cute kitty cuffs
2:40 – How to fix a tear in your jeans
3:46 – Beautiful rose embroidery
4:12 – DIY button
5:59 – DIY sewing kit for traveling
7:39 – Calligraphy Ink decorating trick
8:47 – Pantyhose decorating hack
9:47 – Awesome lace jeans
10:44 – How to make your own skirt
12:32 – Turn your leggings into a crop-top

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