Winter has a lot of benefits besides the fact that it’s not only the magic time and one of the most beautiful times of the year. You can spend time enjoying winter sports or stay at home do different crafts. It’s the perfect time to watch our video and learn some amazing winter hacks that will help you to survive during the cold weather. You will find how to cope with typical winter problems:
– If you want to keep your legs warm in jeans when the temperature drops, take a hot glue gun and attach synthetic winterizer to the inner part of your jeans. Watch our tutorial!
– If the snow sticks to the shovel, spray your shovel with cooking spray. The spray will prevent snow from sticking and you don’t need to clean it every 5 minutes
– Turn your old sweater into a winter hat only in few steps. Grab your scissors and watch the full tutorial
– Make a fleece snuggle blanket with sleeves to spend cold winter evenings at home. Take a fleece blanket and make sleeves by folding in half and pinning together the two parts of the fabric. Sew along the edge with a small seam allowance. You can wear it while you are watching your favorite tv show or work at your home computer
– Add grip to the bottoms of your winter boots. Cut a piece of felt into 8 pieces and glue four pieces of felt to the bottom of each boot
– Use pebbles to store winter boots. Take plastic trays and cover with pebbles to store dirty shoes
– The most effective solution to store high boots is to use metal pants hangers. This solution allows to keep the shape of the boots and they won’t take a lot of space. Also, it provides easy access and you don’t need to look thrown tons of shoe boxes
– Try to make a giant knit blanket. This awesome idea is a worldwide trend now because this blanket looks great. This awesome item will make your home stylish and you can surprise your friends
– Make a cozy bed for your dog out of your sweater. This sweet idea will help your dog feel that you are always near

00:09 Cool winter hacks
01:14 A winter hat out of a sweater
03:43 DIY cozy socks
07:41 How to store dirty wet shoes
09:04 Awesome DIY candles
12:50 Giant knitting

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  1. A comfy winter for your beloved dog 17:30
    More useful tips https://youtu.be/vwTPlIGfoIY

  2. These are really cool.. But there is no way I’m gonna use them.

  3. 0:13 what is the name of the model?

  4. Imagine finding a two girls with the hair face hack, holding hands in a weird double glove frolicking around

  5. 2:42 how to make the perfect circle

    Bam, you just made one by snapping your knees, super easy!

  6. 0:22 I fear nothing, but that thing…

  7. 0:22 never go outside in a snow storm at 3:00 am

  8. First one looks like a helmet in the medieval times 😂

  9. First one makes her look like a friggin yeti

  10. Omg its snowing today yaassss since forever Edit:no its melting 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😭whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it was only one night slash morning why at least I took cute photos

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  13. I wish it snowed where i live..

  14. From where do you get these amazing ideas😍😍😎

  15. Ehhh the thumbnail was creepy as well as the first clip

  16. This is girls that men need 0:20

  17. I would never do number 1 in my life unless I was the last person on earth. Its called buy a scarf from the dollar store if you don't have money for a good one. Dollar store stuff is actually quite warm. The tuque from the sweater one was actually good though.

  18. 5 minute crafts : (puts dinosaur in candle)

    Small child : where did my dinosaur go?(finds out it in a CANDLE


  19. 1:42 or else you can buy cap like a normal person

  20. 3:09 just both wear different gloves when you hold hands…

  21. 5 -minute crafts: Having a tiny hole in your sweater? Okay! Just make a wooly hat of it! yes DONT sew the hole. ( really great idea)

  22. Soooooo I just watched a movie called "Booksmart" and it had the hair over face hack… ._.

  23. 0:22
    "Wow did u see my new life hack? It's great isn't it, now put the money in the bag"

  24. 5:40 why can you just turn your heat up so you can worm up..?

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