Check out a cool collection of gadgets and tools that will ease your life and help to solve any problem at home. Moreover, lazy people will love this gadget as they help to speed up a boring job at home. Researchers suggest that being lazy is a sign of high intelligence. We know that laziness is the first step towards efficiency and we have a collection of lazy life hacks that are pure genius. You will find how to eat chips hands-free, how to find small metal items like safety pins or bobby pins on the floor using magnets and syringe, how to make a cool feeder for your cat, how to cut out a perfect circle from paper,
Do you have a hamster at home? Even if you don’t have one, you will love cool science project on how to charge your phone with hamster power…and it’s not a joke! You will need an exercise wheel and a USB car charger to charge your phone. A hamster will run and your phone battery will be always full. Another cool idea is to charge your phone with bicycle free energy. Watch the video till the end to find an easy tutorial!
Watch this video and you will find a funny compilation about lazy people. There are a lot of moments that everybody can relate to, for example, you will find cool ideas on how to hold your phone without hands, how to comfortably sleep in a car, how lazy people eat popcorn or brew a tea.

00:09 How to eat chips without hands
01:23 Cool DIY feeder for your cat
03:25 How to make a DIY charger
08:45 Are you a lazy person?

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  1. 8:56 she looks like she was kidnapped but that guys first thought was just laziness 100👍👏

  2. Just saying there’s no such thing as a perfect circle

  3. If the wind turbine touches the wire youre done

  4. You know they copied that idea, right?

  5. Life is supposed to be challenging not easy that’s how life goes

  6. Um… is she just gonna drive and sleep at the same time or what

  7. You guys are great😘😘😘😍😍

  8. does the pringle lyfe hec work with harry the hoover

  9. 2:53 how can the next melon get up to the spoon

  10. My love you 😍😍😍🥰🥰😘😘

  11. imagine how much glue they get through…

  12. Wait, wait, wait. On the one where he draws a circle at 2:15, WHY DOES HE CUT SO BAD? HE CUTS A CIRCLE INTO A TRIANGLE! But the hack is still good

  13. ग्रीन टी वाला भी बहुत अच्छा था

  14. जैकेट में कैरेमल पॉपकॉर्न रखकर तुमने खाया था वह बहुत अच्छा था

  15. Goodmorning:pores sprite on her face

  16. How did the car explode is the question

  17. you stole the first invention from joseph's machines

  18. Copyright for the first hack

  19. You guys make people easy all life hacks are fun to watch but not useful

  20. Whatever………. Only boys can do all this crazy 😜😯 but cool 😎 😎😎👌👌😁😁 things

  21. 2:50 what is the function of this thing you have to but the watermelon into the spoon

  22. its funny because none of this are useful and practical

  23. On 4:20 I feel so bad for the hamster it's cruel u shouldn't do that and it looks young animal abuse people

  24. "27 genius hacksto make your life easier"
    More like getting us lazier

  25. I liked when it was the Pringles hard to take so they made a thing so all the Pringles midt out before😂😂😂

  26. 3:04 ok I’ll be embarrassed if I was walking around like that🤣🤣🤣

  27. It's called 5 minute crafts but it takes more than five minutes

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