Check out a video that is full of helpful lifehacks for parents. Parenting is a very hard job and every parent need lifehacks to make their lives easier! We have a collection of unbelievable ideas on how to transform a simple plastic bag into the apron, how to make an emergency bracelet. Make a bracelet for your kids with your phone number on it. If your kid is lost, he will be able to connect with you. If your kid uses too much liquid soap, use rubber bands to limit it. Twist rubber bands around the pump nozzle. The next hack is highly important when you go out with your kids. Buy or make yourself a bracelet with your phone number on it.
We offer you a lot of cool ideas for fast games that will keep your child educated and entertained. Your baby will learn such important things as colors and numbers. Create color matching popsicles out of felt and wooden sticks to learn numbers. One more cool idea to learn numbers is to make pattern match cards. Moreover, you will find genius tips to keep your child organized.
We prepared some lovely paper crafts that are so easy to make! Get your paper, tissues, and scissors and let’s get creative! Moreover, paper crafts are so cheap and available everywhere. Learn how to make moving fish, SpongeBob SquarePants, flying butterflies and a cute elephant who spreads his trunk every time you blow in the straw!
As a cool bonus, you will learn how to make simple experiments and magic tricks at home. Water tricks are so cool and you don’t need to buy supplies to make them as you might already have everything at home.

00:09 Helpful lifehacks for parents
01:53 Cool games for home
02:25 Emergency bracelet
03:44 Water tricks
07:27 Color matching palette

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  1. 7:47 An easy way to learn colors!💡

    More brilliant solutions https://youtu.be/AVSbdsFkiME

  2. No mezclen irbis y niños 🧜‍♀️🐒

  3. $#$%×$:$$#$/#$_÷^×$$×$#^##$×#@$@%_=÷%€#==$^&#/$! $ ÷$$#%//$ f/%#_#$=$%

  4. Lo de la araña no sirve el vídeo es una mentira

  5. I think there are no adults watching this lol

  6. 4:22 that's a preety strange marker

  7. Love how the kids like a judge testing these out

  8. See for hack number one I knew better because I knew my parents had a weapon (flip flop)

  9. not what to herself how quickly she opened the book

  10. No entiendo una mierda en ingles

  11. La única hablando castellano

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    Comment: (COMMENTS ONLY!) Troom Troom
    Like: 5- minute crafts

    If you write in the comments then you like Troom Troom better than 5- Minute crafts!

  13. There's a lot of things in it that I'd try, but unfortunately I feel some of them are a little "expensive,,

  14. 11:27 que necesidad de abrirlo tan fuerte

  15. I babysit and a lot of these are good life hacks

  16. Est ce que vous parlez anglais ? Si non vous pouvez mettre les explications en Français ?

  17. Yo no hablo inglés 😢😢😢

    Y ya dejen de repetir lo de todos los videos

    También agan lo de la pantalla no puras MENTIRAS

  18. im not parent but alaays watching thess

  19. The little girl at the start is cute
    😃if you read this you will have a good day I hope!I am only 9

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