00:11 Cute DIY mats
04:19 Bedroom hacks you need to know
10:17 How to make a stylish rope bowl
15:49 Decor ideas with dragons

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  1. Who ever made this video is obsessed with dinosaurs

  2. Cool!3.14159 this is pi followed by 2653589 circumference over diameter 78 and 323 omg cant u see 8462643 and now were on a spree 38 and 32 now were blue oh who knew 7950 and then a 2 88 and 41 so much fun now a run 97169399 37 51 half way done 058 now dont be late 209 wheres the wine 74 its on the floor then 94459 230 we gotta go 78 we cant wait 1640628 were almost near the end keep going 62 were getting through 089 9 on time 8638034 theres only a few more 82 then 53 42 11 70 and 67 its the end was that fun learning random digits so that you could brag to your friends

  3. 4:39 why would you ruin all those perfect shirts 😂

  4. Bruh, I came here just to see the thumbnail clip and ended up watching the entire video 😂

  5. now you cant eat that flower thing

  6. Scroll through this fast

    🔵🟢. 🔵🟢🔵🟢🔵🟢🔵🟢🔵🟢🔵🟢🔵🔵🟢🔵🔵🟢🔵🟢🔵

  7. If there is no skittle door mat I’m calling click-bait I mean come on 5 Minute Crafts

  8. 0:46 ahh yes the perfect 5 minute craft

  9. Cheela bana rahi hai kya aunty

  10. You only do the first one if you have time.😂🤪

  11. Is it just me or are cutting boards not that easy to cut

  12. You are very very very genius

  13. 0:49 stop moving ur feet so much

  14. 2:09 they say fleece

    me….*gets a jumper

  15. 2:48 how do they have so much rope O.o

  16. am I the only one who actually uses half of these….

  17. 0:47, so much more work than it's worth

  18. 3:00 Ok, come on. Who’s duvet is that thin?

  19. 14:40

    They wasted a whole freaking cauliflower on that

  20. The thumbnail tho… its on the ground, and people would have stepped on it….

  21. 💙💛

  22. Tbh I watch this to fall asleep 🤣😂

  23. Am I the only one who does this with my kids play doh 15:25

  24. I think I've seen the air tent in like 4 other videos

  25. 13:52 wow that's got to be steady 😑😬

  26. They make making your bed look so hard yet when they made the bed the pillow was still Croked

  27. I need a hack for when my bathroom mat is to far away from the shower and I get water all over the ground

  28. Epic idea going to try them out myself

  29. 06:32 de där gjorde jag i skolan idag puckon

  30. 13:17 YO it the same girl from troom troom

  31. How do u do everything so perfectly ???

  32. OMG I've discovered LaurDIY's side channel!!!

  33. I would rather eat my skittles thank you very much

  34. *Me:looks at front page
    Me:who would wast skittles!

  35. These are cool and all, but let's be honest, most of us are too busy to be spending a bunch of money on Skittles to make a rug out of it, which would attract rats and bugs, and I don't know about you, but I don't want my house to go on Top 5 Infestations.

  36. These ideas are great, but I’m pretty sure most of them would take more than five minutes

  37. I’m so jealous I wanna have one so bad

  38. For the one title to hot what kind of bed does shy have that’s my question

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