Tons of plastic becomes a non-biodegradable litter every day. That’s why reusing and repurposing plastic is a handy habit that helps to save nature. We prepared a collection of ideas on how to reuse old toothbrushes, plastic bottles, and drinking straws. You can turn a toothbrush into kitchen hooks, use it to clean a toilet or replace your old mascara brush with it. Plastic bottles could be a great material to make furniture, for example, you can make an inexpensive puff. You will need 18 -20 bottles, cardboard, and fabric. You can choose any fabric that will suit your interior design. Another cool idea of how to reuse plastic bottles is to make a kebab machine. The supplies you will need a coke bottle, a can, and an elbow-shaped piece of PVC pipe and skewers to make perfect kebabs. This machine will speed up your cooking routine. Also, you can make cute cookie cutters out of plastic bottles. Check out the tutorial.
Another collection of awesome ideas is how to refresh your old furniture and even make some furniture that will make your room even cozier. There is a simple and cool idea on how to remake your boring dresser. Remove the drawers and hardware from them. Buy any sticky paper you like and glue to the surface. Color the rest part in any suitable color. Check out how to make a mirror folding table that will save a lot of space if your room is too small.
Check out surprising uses of club soda: use it to clean silver jewelry, to cook puffy pancakes, to clean coffee stains from tableware. You don’t need to buy expensive cleaners for your carpet, make an expensive cleaner by yourself. Mix vinegar, club soda, dish soap and lemon juice in a plastic bottle.

00:09 Unexpected uses of a toothbrush
03:03 DIY Kebab machine
06:35 Cookie cutters out of a plastic bottle
08:18 Remake your old dresser
10:55 Mirror folding table idea
13:48 Newspaper crafts

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  1. I chide one of the hacks 🐶

  2. How did they get the toilet so dirty

  3. 2:40

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  6. Toothbrush: you have killed my brothers now pay

  7. People are getting lazy

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  9. 2:40 that’s not logic or even healthy really 🤦🏻‍♀️🙃

  10. Who else watches these at night

  11. At 0:57, what if they wash it off and still used it for brushing their teeth?! makes gaging sound

    edit : either these ideas are off of some website, or these people are literal GENIUSES
    forgive me if my spelling is wrong

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  13. Which water did you pour in the glasd

  14. Does 5 Minute crafts ever scroll through the comments and just cackle in satisfaction?

  15. I have a life hack with toothbrushes


  16. Who always watches the hacks but never actually does them 😅 I do

  17. mu mouth wasnt big enough for 2 tooth brushes😞

  18. 2:45 why not get a god dang cup

  19. The amount of bottles wasted for these hacks. Rest in peace unrecycled bottles, the world will find another way to harm itself

    Edit: not the world, us

  20. 12:10 no pues si un ladron vio este video es su dia de suerte.

  21. Perfect way a burglar can get in your car

  22. The thing with some of these hacks is that they will eventually wear out and you will have to throw them out so technically you aren't really helping the environment…

  23. And who gets tired of brushing their teeth???

  24. The THUMBNAIL killed me inside

  25. Definitely need to use a toothbrush as a straw

  26. I feel disgust for that pizza

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