This video is full of awesome ideas for creative people and those people who love to draw. Moreover, there are a lot of clever hacks on how to organize your desk, create cool crafts for school and a lot more!
Check out a whole collection of the ways to use broken crayons. You can create a lot of cool crafts that you haven’t seen before. You can make homemade nail polish of any color. All you need is to melt some crayons of the color you like and add some clear nail polish. Ready! You can make cool colorful crayon by your hands. You will need broken crayons (3 colors), melt them. Take an empty glue stick container and pour melted liquid inside. The next idea is cool because you can make chalk from eggshells. Firstly, wash thoroughly the shells and dry. Grind the eggshells, add water, flour and dye. Mix all the components properly. Place this paste in any container and let dry for some time. Share this cool recycling idea with your friends.
The next collection of ideas is dedicated to marker drawing tutorials. You will learn how to create cool pictures in one minute. Drawing with markers will boost your creativity. Besides, there is a great range of various colors you can try. If you are a beginner at drawing, you will find some tips that will help you to create a masterpiece.

00:09 Crayon crafts
01:00 Eggshell chalk
01:30 Drawing with markers
01:44 How to store markers
07:44 How to reuse pens

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