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3 Day Trip to Osaka & Nara | JAPAN Vlog

Hey everyone! I recently went to Osaka and Nara on a trip! I show you places to sightsee, eat and have fun! Hope you guys like this travel vlog!

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Thank you SO much to Scott for helping me film a lot of the clips in this video!

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  1. Hiya, What us it like in Japan dues to this Virus going around..??!

  2. Hope you enjoyed eating your dolphin

  3. Hi, when do you visit? Is it on end March?

  4. Harukas are not covered by Osaka Amazing Pass

  5. May i know this tavel period is around which month?

  6. I just saw your channel and subscribed immediately

  7. U hav aussie accent 😍

  8. We are going to Osaka later!! and super helpful ng video mo Thank you!

  9. welcome to Osaka!
    comeback please!!

  10. You are very beautiful and graduated looking,, it's amazing very nice meet with you,, greetings from Pakistan,,, Thank you

  11. Is she sunny dahye’s boyfriends sister ??

  12. How much was the Kaiseki dinner at Mai?

  13. My ambition to be a come to Japan. I love country. 👧❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Dam girl you look so cute on this video

  15. what is your ethnicity? are you korean? if so it makes sense korean women are the most attractive for some reason

  16. Really wish you told us where you ate in these places!!

  17. Thank you for video; I am planning to visit Japan : Tokyo and Osaka. Do you have any video about transportation and Airbnb information so I could follow your guides
    By the way, I love your Australian accents and your outfit. Very pretty. Thanks

  18. Have you been to japan esp. Tokyo in december ?

  19. Kim these videos of you traveling Japan are my life it's my dream to live in Japan 🙏😿 I'm prolly your only male fan 😂

  20. Hi! thank you for the video! Can I ask is it necessary to purchase an icoca there? I realised you didnt

  21. Hi Kim, do you recommend driving around Japan? Do you have to walk a lot to get to attractions if you catch the train?

  22. A ridiculous issue in Japan is that if your just lower your head for other reasons (physiological) people would assume you are bowing to them and would now back to you, maybe you should lower your head in some place isolated

  23. Lovely video 😊Great job

  24. Hi kim dao , can i know the store name that you went at Nara lunch?

  25. LOLLLL This reminds me of gantz:O

  26. guys i also went to japan pls check out mu channel 😘

  27. Hi Kim! I already visited Osaka. I posted a vlog/video about my travel. I had so much fun. And I can't wait to go back again. Thank you for sharing your video.

  28. Hi Kim!! Do you have info on Akashiya's operating hours? do you know if they'll be open on January 2 or 3, 2020?

  29. Just my opinion, Kim should share the location for all the place you recommend.

  30. The deer part was so cute.. Aww. Osaka looks fun.

  31. I absolutely love Osaka. That takoyaki place you went to in Dotonbori has the best tako I’ve ever had .

    Hey, what month of the year did y’all go there?

  32. wow It's been for 20 years since I saw statues of Buddha last time…It remains me my school excursion lol

  33. Hello I wanna ask if you can only choose one place in the evening which one you prefer to go for the observation deck, Umeda sky building or harukas 300?

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