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3 Genius Life Hacks

Hello guys, in this awesome video i will build this 3 genius life hacks or ideas, very simple and funny inventions. You can do this new tricks in your home with friends or for a school science experiment.

Greetings from Fernando
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  2. Dude this Video you better erase it! There are way better life hacks online. If you generate some helpful Ideas then make a new Video. Sry man….

  3. Super experiment 👍👌

  4. The second life hack is called a "recipe."

  5. The MTB hack will ruin your spokes after a while and making your wheel buckled and plus what happens if rains tape gets lose bottle falls in the spokes bit stops the tire you have an injury and fuck up your bike

  6. Que top ver esse video na smart tv De 50 Polegadas, estou testamdo aqui na loja

  7. Hahahaha you think you are genius but you are crazy like a chiken😂😂😂😭

  8. Why would anyone wanna make noise while riding bicycle, unless you seeling ice cream 🙄

  9. Publicidad sin tapujos.

  10. Thath food is genius hack ?

  11. Number three lifehack: Are you fucking serious!?

  12. They are not life hacks…

    banana doesn't make my life easier boi.

  13. You owe me 7:14 minutes of my life time … and by the way… where are the life hacks? not seen any1 in this clip?!

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