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30 Easy DIY Projects For Beginners That Increase Your Home Value

DIY PROJECTS are a great way to pass the time and also do something useful or nice for your home. We have a bunch of cool DIY projects lined up just for you so take your pick and have fun creating something special. More info at https://www.homedit.com/cool-diy-projects/ and https://www.homedit.com/category/diy/

*few projects may not be for home/please pay attention on heating.

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  1. Good proyects, but too long and the music 🎶

  2. WiFi router will have very bad signal after that…

  3. more like "a lot of poorly planned art projects"

  4. A revoir les finitions quand même

  5. Thanks for the inspiration to make DIY projects. Looking forward. 🙂

  6. Why buy cheap & cheerful kmart or ikea furniture made from mdf when you can spend hours and $$ "upcycling" a bucket into a hideous stool?

  7. wtf, 90% of these things are stupid

  8. since the router strongest waves can't go through physical objects, i would not hide my router there

  9. For the first video, the product they used on the wood, was that polyurethane??

  10. You have bleed through all over your white table

  11. Your designs/ creativity are simple but very effective (extraordinary) I won't of thought about them. I love all

  12. Not to knock some of the thriftiness and creativity BUT it was misleading. Some of these craft projects were impractical or could eventually become dangerous. Oh, also the titles of the projects were in super small font and in white, can be hard to miss. KEEP TRYING AND DON'T LET THE NEGATIVITY OF OTHERS PREVENT YOU FROM CREATING!

  13. Super amazing ❤️💙🇱🇧

  14. The title of this video needs to be renamed. I don't think a pencil case out of soda bottle, planter holder out of t-shirt and plastic bottle cellphone charger station etc adds any value to a home. It should be other diy projects like a koi pound project or wood pallet herb planter or diy tranquil water fall fountain out of cement block w stones and unique water saving flower bed and diy brick or stoned fire pit or bbq pit.

  15. Don’t try this at home! Fire hazards

  16. Oh my gosh. The work is sloppy. .. I'm cringing watching anyone use glue, instead of a sewing machine 😂
    And I cant say the rope pencil holder, increased my homes value 😂😂😂 LOL! !!
    It is nice to see people recycling though, which would have been a much more appropriate title

  17. Now, how exactly do these ideas increase the VALUE of the HOME???

  18. Is that chick eating a bowl of milk??

  19. I think this video should have been called how to make your home look more homely in order to get a sale . I love the cable drum spinning table , ide fill in the holes though.

  20. Vaya repertorio de música, mejor quitar la voz. 🤗

  21. These don't increase the value of your home.

  22. Please see the most economical and creative interior of 2 BHK flat – @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYgVAy_oOp8

  23. Crap, you can turn anything into a lamp. I knew someone who made a lamp out of her dead cat. True story.

  24. I can just see my fat butt collapsing in that bucket seat. Maybe it would be better as a foot stool?

  25. These were really great to watch I tired like four them already came out good so thanks

  26. You may wish to watch with volume down or on mute. Otherwise good video.

  27. How to Treat Tachycardia with Home Remedies https://youtu.be/Dh2TOS8ohqg via @YouTube

  28. I was about to give up till I saw the idea @ 10:50 had to watch it a couple x's the first time was frustrating because I was like WTF are you doing? But pretty cool! Should be labeled, bored don't have a life, need something new for the trailer? Instead of wasting time making cheap crap, try spending quality time with people you love, ……ya think? Who really needs more crap? Can't fault someone for motivation tho, just make sure it's balanced and not an obsession. 33 minutes wasted!

  29. Hey that's not easy! 😭

  30. I see this for the first time, it was very cool to get a subscription and like from me. I will definitely take note!

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