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30 GENIUS PHONE LIFE HACKS || 5-Minute Recipes For Your Gadget

Wow! You can change your phone case every week because we showed how to create phone cases with your hands. Besides, you’ll find hidden phone functions that you didn’t know before!
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00:21 Phone case decor
01:09 Anti-stress phone case
02:21 Phone case for a sweet tooth
03:10 Handy idea for headphone
04:02 Flamingo phone case
05:12 DIY phone case ideas
06:46 Emoji men
07:37 Trick with messages
08:38 Phone tricks
09:21 How to write with one hand


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  1. Hey, guys! Do you like our phone case ideas? What is your favorite one?😍👇🤳

  2. Eis VC aí o deus manda eu te disse que é tudo eu nada tá bom

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    صور هدي أ أم لن كم ديارا فاهي
    عيب ديره أن ديرفاه ميك ف مرات
    مجربينه حوله هي تشواشرط 911 ويدر نيك عيب 09217293 تشو:😅😅😅😅😅

  4. Dead ADEB
    I love when you are
    so smiley and work
    your quick writing! makes me so happy. -Mr goodel 8😂😂😂

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  6. They are showing previous hacks
    show something new

  7. Salam alekim xayiş edirəm 👍 işarəni basın. Yəni məni layk edin🙏

  8. Really good it is making me want to eat Maruchan pasta soup🍲🍲

  9. why not have a normal phoncase, LIKE A NORMAL FCKING PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is so Stupid especially the blast part

  11. Guys i tryed the thing on the thumb nail but it made it get more cracks than fixing it how?

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