How to grow any fruit and veggie in your kitchen

We’re all used in buying new plants, but did you know that you grow your own plants from seed or from the root? In this video, I show you how.
To grow celery simply cut the bottom of it and then place it in some wet soil in the sun. In a couple of weeks, you’ll have brand new celery for free.
Take a garlic glove and soak it in water for a few days. After that, it will start to grow leaves. Transfer it in some soil and you’re good to go.
You can grow your own pineapple tree by separating the fruit from the leaves. Then you place the remaining leaves in some water and after it starts to produce seeds plant it in some soil.
Another great veggie to grow is ginger. That one too needs to be soaked in water and after a few days submerge it in soil and water it every day.
You can grow a passion fruit tree by removing the seeds from the fruit and replanting them.
You can regrow an aloe vera plant by removing little cuttings from the plant and then planting them inside a banana. The minerals in the fruit will help the roots grow and then you can remove it and replant a brand-new aloe vera plant.
Watch until the end to find out how to grow an avocado tree or how to regrow bananas and many more.

0:51 – How to re-grow celery
2:15 – How to grow a passionfruit tree
3:37 – How to re-plant and re-grow an aloe vera tree
5:08 – How to grow chickpeas
7:20 – How to grow a date tree
8:30 – How to re-grow roses
9:41 – DIY fertilizer
10:57 – How to grow bananas

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  1. 11:04 It seems to be a parallel world. In my world we use corm, rhizome, sucker and tissue for planting a banana plant.

  2. I don't get the banana and red pepper deal…. ? everything else is cool.

  3. So what happened with the bananna and the chilli

  4. Don't think that's the way to plant dragon fruit or banana haha

  5. Why waste banana if you can plant the aloe directly?

  6. Please, somebody, tell me how to get or make such black soil that seed can grow well.

  7. 2:59 :plants seeds on side

    A second later: grows on the middle

  8. Why put on the banana and pepper?

  9. I’m sad. I do not live in the right climate for half of these… Then again, half of these don’t work anyway, so I don’t know why I am so sad 🤣

  10. 3:27 more like a few weeks… That is not how it will look after a few days 😝

  11. 0:17 I’m sorry, why would I do this? What is the result? 😅

  12. Why did the first one make me laugh till i cried

  13. Lemon trees grown from seeds won’t produce fruit.

  14. Can you please tell me the type of soil that you are using??

  15. The whole eater provess with the papaer towel is called germinating

  16. Love how the one lemon is grown lol

  17. Thật thất vọng, củ gừng bạn trồng lúc thì lên mầm cây khác (tôi nghĩ là tulip), tới lúc phát triển lại thành cây cau tiểu trâm? Tại sao không phải là cây gừng?
    Hạt cà chua ươm cong thì lại lên ngọn cây khác.
    Đa số không có thật.

  18. It would seem great to be able to grow all these but check your zone 1st.
    Not every plant, fruit and veggie grow in the same environment.

  19. elleriniz dert görmesin harikasınız🐸🐸😍🌈🌈💔💔⛱💝🌹💖🐝✨🦋🦋🦁🏄‍♀️😘😘😘🏄‍♀️🦊🦊🐜🦊🥳🐳💗💗🤩🤩💕😻😻🐬🐬ç


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  22. The world would be 1000 years ahead if this channel died

  23. That banana one is a lie. You can't get seeds from the banana fruit.

  24. The plant don't grow in 1 minutes

    It's is a not real

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