You will love a new collection of cool life hacks you haven’t seen before:
-Replace pencil sharpener with a vegetable peeler. It’s the easiest way to sharpen dull pencils
-Curl your hair using pencils. You will love your cool and easy curls
-You can make a phone holder using a pencil and rubber bands. Check out an easy tutorial
-Rub the teeth of the key with a pencil to cover the surface with graphite. The graphite should help reduce friction inside the lock
-One of the cleverest travel hacks you should know is that you can turn a hoodie into a pillow if you want to sleep in the plane
-Duct tape will help to avoid blister
-You can use an easy kitchen hack to reseal and plastic bag using a lighter
-Need a shopping bag, use your hoodie!
-You can use a pool noodle to comfortably sleep in a car. Check out the tutorial
-Everyone has that annoying pair of jeans with the zipper that just doesn’t stay up. Instead of replacing the zip, just get a small rubber band and attach to the button
-Jeans are too long? Use rubber bands for a quick fix
-Do you need to decorate a vase? We prepared an easy tutorial
-You can make an inexpensive car phone holder. Wrap a rubber band through r air vents to hold your phone in place
-You can easily make chips at home using a toaster! Slice sweet potatoes and prepare chips in the toaster

00:01 Life Hacks with pencils
00:20 Curl your hair with pencils
01:46 Inexpensive phone holder
03:37 Travel lifehacks
09:58 How to decorate a vase

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  1. NO , thi is me Some times young happiness.smile littly pit. This hacks being wonderful and Fantastic .happy end

  2. You don't have sharpener while study there you've got a veggie peeler.

  3. 12:59 meat as a drink? that life hack is disgusting (for me), who would ever drink meat?

  4. 4:24 that's good that the chips won't come out.. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MESS YOU MADE AT 4:12 BRUH

  5. So, it means I will take vegetable peeler to school 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. If you put meteal in a toaster or near it dont you get electricuted? Please tell md

  7. No, intente hacerlos y no funcionan dislike

  8. I have a suggestion. So, I do this in my own closet. I have this shelf that I keep my clothes in. So I got some cardboard boxes and cut the top off of them. Boom! Easy drawers!

  9. She said she had no sharpener but look at all those sharpened pencils

  10. Most of these make me think if you weren’t an idiot we wouldn’t have these problems

  11. At 12:55 I was like if you don’t eat like Cookie Monster you wouldn’t have this problem

  12. Everything time I watch 5-minute crafts I go to sleep

  13. 3:56 oorr you could just where socks??

  14. No hate but 5 min crafts just steals other peoples videos and is just copyright

  15. Bc if I don’t have a pencil sharpener in my bag I’ll have a vegetable peeler. 😂

  16. Rather than making such a complicated stand u could order it online 2:08

  17. 6:55 that's just too much to take in😒

  18. No one:
    Absolutely no one:

    5 minute crafts: but im sorry, it was just so fun

  19. Mom: Where are all your pencils?
    Me: On my head giving me curls

    Mom: where is my vegetable peeler?
    Me: I took it to school instead of sharpener

    Seriously guys!! Who sees 5 minute crafts always but is lazy to try!! 😂👍

  20. I love all those hacks, really need em, also i like the songs

  21. What's the name oh this songs

  22. Hi 🤗 I love your channel I JUST STARTED MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.. would love some support too plz 🧡
    CLICK ⬇️

  23. Guys calm down about the peeler it’s probably for when your at your house🙄

  24. This is on another video stop posting the same videos

  25. Morale del video : con le mstite conquisterete il mondo

  26. Excelentes ideas practicas , yo las quiero aplicar 😀

  27. instead of creating a mobile holder for u phone lying on sofa i would directly place it on sofa hand🤣🤣

  28. Who else is rich enough for a vegetable peeler but not for a sharpner? !

    Well not hating here it would work on emergency 😂

  29. FIVE MINUTE CRAFTS- be illegal and take a lighter!


  30. The background music till 3:25 is 😬

  31. 11:30………….her expressions!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

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