Amazing cooking tips and tricks you should know

It takes a lot of work and patience to become better at cooking and come up with your own recipes that will make you a great chef! So, in this video, we are sharing with you some brilliant cooking hacks that will help you get there and we are starting with the basics! We show you some awesome egg tips and recipes as well as some delicious food you can cook with your slow cooker!

All of us have at least 6 eggs in our fridges at any given time! So in the first video section, we are sharing with you some amazing egg hacks to try out!
– We show you how you can make mini omelets using large soup utensils for cooking!
– We show you how you can prepare a delicious puffy omelet by beating the eggs and the transfer them in your frying pan using a strainer!
– Since easter it’s just around the corner, we came up with a perfect way to carve hard boiled eggs into mini cheeks for your Easter table.
– If you’ve accidentally dropped an eggshell in your mixture and you are struggling to remove it, you can use another piece of eggshell to pull it out.
– For those of you who love a tasty and full filling breakfast in the morning! We share with you our secret scrambled eggs recipe! You simply beat the eggs with your whisk, season them with salt and pepper and then you add some unsalted cake butter in your frying pan! Then, when the eggs are almost ready, add some more butter in the mixture and enjoy!

The infamous slow cooker came into our lives to make it more beautiful and tasty, and in order to honor that, we wanted to share with you guys some amazing recipes you can create in your slow cooker that will make you want to start preparing food right away!
– We show you how to cook an omelet bake using carbonated water as a bonus ingredient in order to make it puffier!
– You can also bake your own homemade bread in your slow cooker just by using a cake tray!
– If you are after creating delicious s’mores, you can melt the chocolate in mason jars inside your slow cooker and enjoy with your marshmallows!
– For those of you who would like to go the extra mile, we share with you how to make slowly roasted chicken with olive oil, paprika, and onions.

Watch our whole video to discover new cooking tips and recipes that will improve the taste of your dish and turn you into an experienced cook!

0:07 – Egg-stremely delicious hacks
3:48 – Slow cooker hacks
6:35 – Delicious hotdogs
10:43 – Kitchen tips to save your food and time
13:07 – Amazing kitchen tricks
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