Check out a golden collection of lifehacks that will help you to survive:
– Take a lighter and heat up your key if the car lock is frozen. Then slowly insert the key into the lock. The warm key should melt the ice in your lock
– A lighter will help you to make beauty products smoother, for example, you can use it for lip liner
– Use a lighter to fix a broken lipstick
– One of the biggest problems, when you are preparing for traveling, is to fold clothes to save space. Find out the collection of brilliant ways how to fold clothes to reduce wrinkles and save space
– Transform empty balm container into a sewing kit
– A lot of travelers save their money by sewing their own protective pocket inside of shorts or pants
Check out a collection of tips on how to survive in extreme situations like earthquake, fire, how to comfortably spend time while camping. You will learn how to make camping BBQ out of a tin can, how to turn matches into waterproof ones, how to dry wet shoes using stones.
Try awesome budget cleaning tips are guaranteed to save your time and money. You don’t need to spend hours on cleaning, just need to know the basic rules we prepared. We will show you how to erase permanent marker and clean different surfaces covered with it: use toothpaste to remove permanent marker from ceramic tile; rubber alcohol cleans permanent marker from wooden surface; if you need to erase permanent marker from fabric cover the stain with hand sanitizer, wipe and cover with baking soda and lemon juice. Clean the surface with a toothbrush and wash as usual. Clean your carpet from permanent marker using a hair spray.

00:15 Genius hacks with a lighter
00:38 Use a lighter to open a car
02:51 Lifehacks that will save your life
04:43 Camping hacks
07:11 Waterproof matches
13:25 How to remove permanent

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  1. 10:20 Save this for the barbecue party 😎

    Check also these unusual hacks https://youtu.be/dvdx4fHkbWI

  2. you can make a cover of a dragon and the result shows, a fire breathing dragon !

  3. 9:02 what if somebody decides to dispose of it for you

  4. Fake most thing don't work on this channel i give it a zero star channel

  5. Wow what a smart idea les burn marker chemicals

  6. 2:00 the tip of the pen is black

    2:01 or 2:02 the pen has no black on the tip

  7. 9:08 After that cleaner put the pampers to trash bin

  8. Hmmm at 0:41 pretty sure that’s an electric key

  9. Hey in 1:53 (5th number craft) is fake. Check the pen when the person trying to write down something in the sticky notes that time inside the pen there is no rifle or there is no ink in the rifle and when the person turns on the lighter , then in the rifle's ink was back, but how??🤔🤨
    5 minutes craft start showing the proof.😡😡🤨🤬👿

  10. Bruh I'm really bout to yeet 5 minute crafts. First off, Why you in the woods but you can make all this fancy stuff. Like you have a home go live in your house not in the woods. Plus the hacks were you put duck tape on your skin when there is a open wound . Thats how you get a infection. Thank you for reading this.

  11. Pen: doesn’t work
    Me: ( pulls lighter out of pencil case)

  12. 6:56 when you can't find a shover anywhere, but you realyze you have one giant ring.

  13. The thumbnail:
    Crayon fumes are toxic.

  14. 0:52 ow you get the camera inside the car if you couldn't get in? Hmmmmmmmm?

  15. this was released on my dad's birthday I cnt believe it😄

  16. Lesson Learned Lighters Are not Only for weeds

  17. 3:41 DID YOU JUST PEED ON YOUR T-SHIRT AND SMELLED IT ?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

  18. How are we going to solve any trouble by buring a marker ?

  19. 1:38 en lo que lo hizo el wey mexicano agarro un papel y prendió el papel y prendió la vela más rapido

  20. how to i have enough patients to watch through this?

  21. show the how to make the diy flame thrower

  22. 8:55

    Why is a young girl carrying around a diaper

  23. I love how the only reason 5 minute crafts have any views is because people want to trash on them

  24. Womens are not allowed to go camp they must be in a kitchen 😂😂

  25. Here's a tip –
    If you don't want to get blisters, then WEAR SOME DECENT SOCKS WITH YOUR WALKING BOOTS

  26. At 3:48 where she falls over she gets a cut but in real life that would not be true

  27. Is obligatory brown sugar, its ok white sugar??

  28. The lighter on the key won't work because the molecules will expand if heated

  29. These hacks are really, really useful, interesting, and cool

  30. They are inspired by MR BEAN

  31. 6:12 why are his pants down? Is it the law to walk with no pants on in nature? Maybe I will try it… NOT

  32. I watch this to go to sleep like if you do to

  33. Who else just watches these and never does them????? just me okay

  34. 12:20 I’m pretty ire that’s Vicky from 123 go

  35. I wonder who ever created this channel in the first place a group of friends orrr

  36. 5:10 – I don't like that result one bit. I wish there was something more friendly. Something like that destroys the food chain, and we don't want to do that. It's not right.

    Yes, bugs can be a nuisance, but I wish there was another life hack when it comes to getting rid of them without killing them.

  37. 6:12 Don't mind me just a normal dude with their pants down walking around in NATURE

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