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The beauty community and industry are growing by the minute and with the success of so many different products beauty companies constantly come out with different products for every occasion, when in reality you can use the same products for just one thing. Let’s take for example toothpaste, not only can you use it to brush your teeth but you can use it for so many different things in your beauty routine that you probably didn’t know and that is what we are doing in this video. We wanted to share with you different beauty hacks you can do simply by using products in your own home!

We all use toothpaste to brush our teeth and it is part of all of our morning and evening routines, but did you know that you can use toothpaste in your beauty routine as well? Here is what you can do:
– You can put it on your fingernails in order to get rid of yellow stains from manicures and nail polish
– You can also use it on your eyeglasses in order to clean them and make them anti-fog!
– If you are prone to pimples and acne, you can use toothpaste in your pimples in order to get rid of them faster.
– In addition, you can also use toothpaste on your face as a scrub in order to remove blackheads and exfoliate your pores.

Getting enough sleep is essential for our overall health, and when we lack sleep, it is evident in both our mood and skin. So, if you have puffy eyes and dark circles we show you a cool DIY home remedy in order to help you get rid of them. Simply grade a whole cucumber and place it into a bowl. After that, mash a banana and mix the two together really well. Transfer the mixture into an ice cube container and let it freeze for a few hours. Every morning that you wake up and you experience tired puffy eyes, take one ice-cube out, rub it under and over your eyes and you’ll see that the dark circles and puffiness will disappear!

Stretch marks are something we’ve all struggled with, they are hugely associated with unexpected weight loss of weight gain that happens over a short period time. So, in this video, we found an awesome DIY recipe that will help you get rid of stretch marks within a couple of months. There is no need to spend a ton of money on a store-bought body cream that claims to remove stretch marks when you can create an all natural one on your own. Simply mix some aloe vera with some coconut oil and rub the juice on your stretch marks every morning every night. The moisturizing and healing effects of both ingredients will help you get rid of stretch marks in no time and your skin will be able to bounce back to normal!

Watch our whole video because we have some miraculous DIY remedies for any occasion! We show you how to create your own hair growth serum that will speed up the growth period of your hair, and we also show you a cool way to create your own peel-off lipstick using food coloring and gelatin! In addition to those, we show you a super fast and easy way to clean your makeup brushes using a strainer!

0:06 – Hacks using toothpaste
2:23 – How to get rid of dark circles
3:14 – How to painlessly remove armpit hair
3:45 – How to get rid of stretch marks
5:06 – DIY hair growth serum
6:56 – DIY face scrub
7:56 – How to clean your eyelash curler
9:25 – How to clean your makeup brushes
9:54 – Make your clothes white again
11:07 – Cool clothing hacks
13:18 – Brilliant jewelry ideas
15:10 – Perfect booty workout
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