Check out creative ideas that will save you a lot of time and could be used for different troubles around the home.
Here the brilliant tips you can use in your everyday life:
– Bobby pins could be used to line your eyes
– Create a cute manicure design using bobby pins
– You can use bobby pins to create a super stylish necklace just for 5 minutes, and it will be a fabulous accessory for a party
– Create a polka dot manicure with a bobby pin
– If you usually use every last drop of toothpaste, use a bobby pin to get leftovers
– Use a bobby pin to close a bag of open chips
– Toilet paper roll is perfect to store bobby pins and hair ties
– Use tic tac box to store tiny items like bobby pins
– If your kids use too much liquid soap, use a hair tie. Wrap it above the neck of the bottle and you will use less amount of soap
– Use hair ties to hang picture frames at home
– If you need a phone holder in your car, attach a hair tie to the vents to secure the phone
– Check out how to shorten long sleeves of your sweater
– Do you want glowing shoelaces? Wait for what? Yes, follow the instruction: mix Schweppes, peroxide and baking soda
– Use the banana peel to polish your shoes
– Clean the sole of sneakers using an eraser
– If your sneakers are too dirty, use a vacuum cleaner to clean them very quickly
– If your sneakers smell really bad, try the next recipe to get rid of unpleasant odors: mix 1 tbsp of cornstarch, 1 tsp of baking soda, 1 tsp of baking powder and 5 drops of essential oil in a plastic bag. Sprinkle this mixture into sneakers
– Try an easy way to clean stained spatula, soak it in water with 1 tbsp of bleach and leave for 24 hours
– Find out how to measure a perfect portion of spaghetti with the help of empty soda bottle

00:09 DIY fake braces
01:10 Polka dot manicure design
01:51 Necklace out of bobby pins
09:25 Glowing laces
10:04 Polish your shoes with a banana peel
15:52 Wall painting lifehacks

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  1. Thinking of spring renovation? Check this then 15:52
    0:09 DIY fake braces

    1:10 Polka dot manicure design

    1:51 Necklace out of bobby pins

    9:25 Glowing laces

    10:04 Polish your shoes with a banana peel

    Cool repair hacks https://youtu.be/09i80iEOoR4

  2. خیلی کثافت و گوهی

  3. 2:03
    Oh that’s a lovely ne-
    Never mind…

  4. Die Musik ist sooo scheiße nervig

  5. wow, um, why do I watch these

  6. 4:32, I know it works but like wouldn’t you thing the egg would taste like vinegar? 🤔🤢


  8. Also, I think the wall was enjoying it's paint job a bit much around 16:11 😏😏😏

  9. I tried it and it was all fake like if you tried it

  10. I was like please tell me how she finna fix a broken vase with a bobby pin

  11. 9:45 or u could just wear shoes

  12. 13:03 ahem or a laundry basket could help-

  13. الي من السعوديه لايك
    انا احب الفيديوهات الي كذا تحياتي لكم

  14. Yaass potato saves the picture btw the braces hack sucks
    1.everyone will know it's fake
    2.how U put this thing in
    3.just no;-;

  15. Io il trucchetto dell' apparecchio l' ho provato e mi é venuta la gengivite 😠

  16. Has anyone else thought that YouTube changed something but you don't know what?

  17. can you try to make braces out of bobby pens

  18. I just noticed the one 5 minute craft girl has multi colored eyes

  19. I feel like you should need a permission slip to watch these videos saying that you might lose brain cells watching this

  20. Ela tem um olho de cada cor isso é raro!!!!

  21. Me when I just find out that u can paint the ceiling 🙁

  22. I mean u could just use a cloth instead of a potato but….. U do u 5mc

  23. I used the braces life hack. And a couple days ago, I got real ones
    …. guess I can do fake anymore😋😶😑

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