Gardening is one of the coolest hobbies that helps to relax even if you are stressed out. Moreover, growing plants is a great hobby that helps to relax and make you happier. I love to grow various plants at home as they help to create a special atmosphere at home. Besides, plants purify the air and remove toxins. We prepared a new collection of gardening tips that will ease your life and your garden will look amazing!
Do not throw away laundry detergent bottles reuse a bottle and make a scoop to work in the garden. This lifehack will save you a lot of money. We know to protect your plants from bugs without using chemical sprays. Instead of using harmful sprays you can make garlic and onions. Cut onion and garlic, add chili powder, liquid soap, and water. Stir properly and leave for 24 hours. Spray your plants and you will love the result.
Watch this video till the end to find brilliant tips to grow different plants. Check out a cool way to check if the cucumber seeds are good – place them in a glass with water. Good seeds will be at the bottom. One more brilliant idea is to use toilet paper for seed starting. Wrap seeds in toilet paper and place them in the soil. You can experiment and grow watermelon easily. Remember that watermelon growing requires a lot of sun and space, high temperature. Take a plastic box and place tissue inside. Place seeds over the tissue and spray them with water. Cover the box with wrapping plastic and make some holes. After four days for the seeds to soften. After that place seeds in small pots.

00:16 DIY Scoop
00:30 Onion and garlic bug spray
02:57 Natural fertilizer
06:40 DIY Lighthouse
07:24 How to propagate a watermelon

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