00:13 Fire starter hacks
02:29 How to make a water filter
04:31 Smart camping hacks
06:08 Into the wild kitchen
07:42 Bathroom into the wild
08:07 Waterproof matches
09:19 Emergency spoon
09:37 Camping washing machine
11:08 No air pump to pump a mattress? We’ve got it covered!
13:20 Waterproof sneakers

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  1. 1 that fish didn't just swim through that tiny hole 2 U NEED TO BOIL YOURE WATER you may have filterd it but there can still be stuff small enough in the water to hurt you and boiling your water can kill those tiny things that you cannot filter

  2. 5:17 Or you can just breath on it, it isnt that hard.

  3. Bruh the man in the thumb nail looks like post malone

  4. 3:23 excuse me but who would waste perfectly good Raman 🧐

  5. ok some help but most are fake and lame take your man bun back to starbucks

  6. the fishing is fake because na fish is big but the tunnel is small

  7. 2:13 ㅋㅋㅋ 물고기가 입구보다 크잔아….쓰레기넼ㅋㅋ. Bigger than a fish hole. ㄴㅇㄴㅇㄴ

  8. 2:13 anybody who can’t tell that’s fake is dumb
    Admit it

  9. 13:02 YOGA MAT???!!! When would I or ANYBODY bring a yoga mat with ya I mean WHY WE AINT BRINGIN ANY YOGA MAT

  10. What the a big fish get in the tiny hole

  11. how the fish get in the hole 😮

  12. Moss works better than foliage and it can dry out water

  13. Wouldn’t someone be so lucky if they were to have all this shit off hand I mean a Im gonna have a big ass knife just with me at all times

  14. You show most of these hacks in your all other videoes.
    You are big liarers.
    We are not fool that we see them everytime.😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠

  15. Here are some alternatives to these tips that better or if these actually work
    #1: The pellets from the socks do work but not the best option. If available scrap off some birch bark into a fine dust. It is so flammable and add some other dray leaves and your fire will be up in no time.
    #2 It works, if you don't want as many bug bite or guest if possible pick top layer leaves THAT ARE DRY. Wet leaves will just take away body heat( make you colder) and make you uncomfortable.
    #3 Yes it does work but the fumes are not best for you. Use this method if necessary but if you have more time on your hands and want something better for COOKING ( there are better ways to step up a fire for heat) use a north Dakota fire hole. BTW you can make coffee from dandelions for your cup of survival coffee I have tested this and does work and quite simple.
    #4 Can be hard to do and terrain plays a part. Everybody's finger is different too, kudos to you if terrain, finger length, distance, and your sense of scale works.
    #5 Does work, I know this is not for everybody and if times get desperate it works to use the jaw bone of an animal as a larger version of that. The key trick works though very time-consuming. That bow would not work as well as it shows If I am being dead honest: top of the stick is cracked, not enough tension and he is using semi-loose paracord. The stick is not straight and there is not a guider at the end, and the point won't kill you will just have an angered animal chasing you.
    #6 This is a total thing and a great trick but it works better is a stream and for the best results do the same set-up but put it against the current so the fish swim into it, use reeds and sticks to make the directed into that pathway. For bait, the best is fish guts, worms, scraps, and despending grain. But be warned there is no salmon out of this you will get small minnows for soup or for bigger fish bait. ( The thing on the scene is totally staged sorry)
    #7 The filter trick does work but boil afterward if you do not want to get highjacked by virus, bacteria and other unwelcome guests. Find a fast running stream to skip just to the boiling step.
    #8 Does work again but…. you need to do a lot more rubbing to get out the oils, you are still going to get bite though but not as horrible. Also, there are so many plants that do the same job and if you have a camp somewhere burn cattails to make your camp not as a wonderful place to be for mosquitoes. PLUS DO NOT BUILD CAMP NEAR STANDING WATER YOU WILL DIE IN MOSQUITOS.
    Side note the line do nonthing for you unless you add water to charcoal and put it under your eyes for sun protection. But if that war paint makes you feel great. Go ahead and paint away!
    #9 All he has in that backpack is ramen? He is wasting ramen and build a bad tp fire . There is not kindling, just please don't do this. Get kindling and dried leaves, blow on your sparks/ embers and don't waste food.
    #10 I have done that works so so much better with glass. Then also you have to set it up correctly, right kindling, sun and the right angle to hold it at. BTW if I saw correctly he was just hitting two rocks together, sorry pal unless you have flint obsidian and another correct combination you could be there for hours.
    #11 He is wasting so much valuable energy running like a crazy person the mindset is great. Save your precious energy trust me.
    #12 the boiling rock part is a waster of time, just pole the rock straight out of the outer ring of your fire. Plus one of the number one rules of survival unless it like 100 degrees and the middle of the day, do not get wet that is asking for a cold and or so much worse. Test your rocks before stepping and hold one to things. This great but who wears Jean shorts in the woods, if you hate your Jean shorts and love mosquitos I would not advise.
    #13 I have not tried or seen this done in the past but be wary what that more energy getting a piece of bark, or making that and pump furiously
    #14 Duck tape! You're going to have fun taking it off and she just put on longer socks soo that a thing but grass(the fresh and soft kind) works great as a relief in that kind of pain. I have been in this scenario before.
    #15 Would not consider survival but hey maybe a camping cake. Soda, wine and any sugary substance works too.
    #16 Would not consider survival and the same thing and better can be done with a reflecting wall ( a wall with ether an emergency reflector blanket or an upright wall off sticks and leaves behind the fire fare enough way it does not catch on fire but still reflects the heat at you.)!! But for cooking as it shows again it is not survival and it is more work than a North Dakota fire hole.
    It has been nice but the rest from here are more camping and not really survival hacks. Sorry, it was so long, just wanted to help better add and educate you all.
    Enjoy Your day and stay safe. Love and peace.

  16. fake my working not working 😠😠😠

  17. Yeah that's true how fish can go inside the bottle

  18. เกรััแพุ้แพี

  19. เป็นบวกรับรักรับ

  20. 4:09 if was using these life hacks to live in the wild, I might as well give up

  21. fist must of had a shrink ray on hand

  22. Some "life hacks" from this video are from other video on YouTube you copyright

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