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Everyone uses scissors to cut something but this item could be used in various surprising ways. Watch this video to find a new collection of lifehacks that will ease your life. Besides, we share unexpected ways to solve annoying problems. If you don’t have a compass, make it by your hands using scissors and a pencil. Check out an easy tutorial. Moreover, you can replace a screwdriver with scissors to fix something. No corkscrew? Open a wine bottle with scissors. If you have a pair of dull scissors, sharpen scissors using a metal sponge.
Check out a funny compilation about lazy people. Being lazy isn’t so bad as a lot of people may say. Like everything in the world, laziness has positive and negative sides. The best thing is that lazy people always find an easy way to do everything as they do not like to spend a lot of their precious time. Watch this video and you will learn that laziness promotes creative thinking when you need to solve an annoying problem.
You can easily make chips at home using a toaster! Slice sweet potatoes and prepare chips in the toaster. Prepare an inexpensive body scrub at home. Exfoliation makes your skin look healthier and smoother. It’s very easy to prepare this scrub: combine aloe vera and coffee waste. You will love this recipe!

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00:09 Surprising uses for scissors
01:54 No corkscrew?
03:27 What lazy people do
10:12 Sweet potato chips
12:02 Homemade scrub

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  2. First of all most of your hacks do not even work.Secand of all everyone knew the present hack.😑😐

  3. So this video of five min crafts is telling me that i should keep a scissor in one hand and a fork in one hamd in order to eat noodles??

  4. cut noodles with scissors. Sure
    (sarcastically)it will obviously not infect me or anything

  5. 3:43 how to suffocate and look kidnapped

  6. Those ponytails that shrink by putting in water I don’t know if their ponytails but whatever it’s basically like a known fact to put them in hot water it’s literally on the instructions to them you didn’t come up with some cool hack 15:03

  7. I saw that when that girl was slepping in the car that man he didnt took her photo he took the cars door photo

  8. Like here those who only enjoy the video but never use this in life😅😅😆

  9. Spero ti venga il corona virus dopo che hai tagliato gli spaghetti con le forbici

  10. Or just eat spaghetti like a normal person.

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    ur nails

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  14. 7:45 even if u go outside your shoes will get dirty what's the point of putting the shopper on your shoes in the house 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙄

  15. You don’t need to cut your noodles. Just twirl it around and eat it by biting the noodles too.

  16. 1.18 is wrong if food would come in contact with metals then some toxin subtances are produced which may be poisonous for our body

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