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37 DIY IDEAS TO ROCK IN ANY SITUATION || Easy Life Hacks, Clever Gadgets To Solve All Your Problems


Check out a cool collection of gadgets and tools that will ease your life and help to solve annoying problems. You will find out how to organize food in the kitchen, how to beautifully store shampoos in the bathroom, how to quickly wash salad leaves, how to hang your clothes using foldable hangers. My favorite idea is how to hang a lot of t-shirts without effort. You will be surprised how many space you will have in your wardrobe.
The next collection of ideas will help you to solve annoying problems like what to do with clogged showerhead, how to warm up your pizza using and iron, how to get rid of mosquitos and a lot more. Use pants and fans to cool down your room. You can easily replace a clogged or broken showerhead with a plastic bottle. Wash a plastic bottle and make some holes in it. Watch the full tutorial! If you don’t have a power bank with you, charge your phone using a DIY portable charger made out of a car charger and 9V battery. One more crazy idea is to make a phone holder from flip flops.
Today we share a new collection of car life hacks that will change your life! Usually, we spend a lot of time in cars and we need some life hacks that will help to solve small problems. In this video, you will find a lot of brilliant ideas on how to solve most of the annoying problems. You will learn how to remove dents, how to avoid scratches, how to quickly clean vents, how to get rid of pet hair and a lot more!

00:09 Awesome inventions to use at home
02:37 How to organize your wardrobe
08:30 Brilliant car hacks
09:08 Cool gadgets for your car

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  1. 0:50 that hamster or squirrel is from miniso

  2. yes.
    eating soup w/ a fork.
    so smart

  3. All those products that they showed us are available here

  4. It’s not a hack if it use is to do that
    Like the dent remover one
    And there is something called a spoon

  5. Who is still watching this in January 2020?
    Like Here Plz!👇👇👇👇👇👇🙂🙂🤗

  6. 7:35 do you know a thing called spoon

  7. 6:56 you have that in your purse but u don't have a charger

  8. Some of these things are products that u can buy there not crafy
    And some are just dumb like 3:45 have u ever thought clean it and then if it doesn't come off buy a new one

  9. Where are we supposed to get them???

  10. 7:26 This is why their was a marvelous invention called a spoon

  11. I'm not ruining a perfectly good pair of flipflops to put my phone in the bottom bc im not THAT lazy

  12. Imagine…. A dent remover for a dent!!!! 😳🤔

  13. Who notice the harry potter poster..like here..😊

  14. You buy some of these products I’ve seen a couple on you tube and they bought the stuff

    It’s kinda cheating with the “ Hacks”

  15. You have wasted so much water to entertain us please don't do this

  16. Lui è Gino
    E questo è il numero di volte che ha guardato questo video

  17. Train emergency seat how to. Bought

  18. where can I buy these things? 😍

  19. En el minuto 12:16 podría agarrar una cuchara no??

  20. Bro for the first hack your gonna fall the train moves

  21. 5:30 isn’t that the Great Gatsby Movie XD?

  22. 7:10 or you could just use a spoon

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